En Route to Coketown via London & Manchester

When you arrive at the Dover train station you decide to examine the departure times for trains heading to London and on to Manchester, before reaching the final destination in Coketown. You see a poster hanging next to the ticket booth in the station's main lobby. The noises are loud and cacophonous: metallic brakes squealing to announce a train's arrival, the constant fluctation of chatter among travellers coming and going - it was the sound of modernity where all roads led to progress and industry... and eventually Coketown.

After examining the transportation schedule you decide to purchase a ticket for the 3pm train to London on the South Eastern Railway line. You can only afford a 2nd class ticket, which means you'll be sitting among a crowd of fellow travellers as opposed to enjoying the privacy of your own coach. Never mind that, you look forward to the possibility of meeting a like-minded tourist or two to learn more about the land and culture of England before arriving in Coketown.

If you arrived in England from Calais, France, your task (as already stated on the previous page) is to find at least 2 more passengers (who arrived in England from Dunkurque, France) to find out more about Charles Dickens's life to complete your paragraph(s) composition (see previous page for XP credit amounts).

If you arrived from Dunkurque, France, your job is to find at least 2 people (who travelled via Calais) to interview them about their knowledge of the Industrial Revolution: take 1 page of detailed notes for 5XP. (if you interview up to 5 people, and take at least 2 pages of detailed notes, you can earn an additional 5XP, making it a total of 10XP).

When you enter the train car you notice a diverse array of different travellers:

When you sit down at the one available seat, there's a person sitting there holding a box similar to yours (it's the same individual you just encountered in the street!). As you sit down, you deliberately place your box in your lap, prompting the passenger to turn and notice. You decide to try something risky: You lean in and mutter the words softly so no one but the person next to you could hear.

"Friend or Philosophe?"

The passenger looks at you strangely, then responds, "You've received postcards as well!? I don't know anything about these 'friends' and 'philosophes'. I'm just an aspiring social scientist, a follower of the new 'social physics!' I don't know anything about this so-called conspiracy."

Comforted to know you weren't the only one in the dark, you reply,, "All I know is there's something I have to see in Coketown, but I'm not sure what it is."

As you continue to talk, you realize you have much in common. You're both social scientists. You both trained under the preeminent Auguste Comte, and you both received mysterious postcards demanding that you get to Coketown. Both of you are interested in learning more about Charles Dickens, the Industrial Revolution, but most importantly, the secret formula to human happiness. Well, you both decide that this is your opportunity, so you make your way around the train car and interview fellow travellers to earn the XP points described above.

It costs 30XP to arrive in Coketown. When you're ready to make your arrival, email the Gamemaster at jcolley@theoakridgeschool.org and he will provide you with the pass to get to Coketown, so you may begin level one of Adventures in Coketown.