XiangQun Zeng

Distinguished Professor of Chemistry

Zeng group picture 2018-2019

What's New

Dr. Zeng's lab has postdoc and graduate student positions open immediately.

Two to three postdoctoral researcher positions are available immediately at Oakland University under the direction of Dr. Xiangqun Zeng, distinguished professor of chemistry to conduct impactful, innovative, multi-disciplinary research in developing chemical and biosensors for health, safety and environmental applications. Postdoctoral researchers are supported by three grants from National Institute of Health (NIH) and Department of Energy (DOE). The initial appointment is for one year, and renewal for an additional year is expected if progress is satisfactory and funds are available.

The NIH positions are for developing innovative chemical sensing and particle sensing technologies, one for neurosensing and another for environmental health applications. The candidates’ knowledge about electrochemistry (redox chemistry), biochemistry, ultramicroelectrode and bioanalytical chemistry will be important for this position.

The DOE project is for developing continuous gas sensors for energy applications. This project intends to recruit a postdoctoral associate who is knowledgeable about electrochemical gas sensors. Candidates with expertise in nanoparticle synthesis and characterization, analytical chemistry, ionic liquid electrochemistry are strongly encouraged to apply.

Oakland University is a public institution, located in Rochester Michigan, a suburb of Detroit with heavy industrial base nearby (e.g. the major research and development centers of Daimler-Chrysler North American, Ford, and General Motors). Candidate must have a Ph.D. in chemistry or chemical engineering or related field and strong background in electrochemistry and analytical chemistry. Please submit your CV with names of three references to Dr. Xiangqun Zeng (www.oakland.edu/~zeng), Department of Chemistry, Oakland University, Rochester, MI 48309 by e-mail: zeng@oakland.edu. Review of applications will begin immediately. Affirmative Action/ Equal Opportunity Employer.

Other potential postdoc positions ( one or two positions): (1) Bioanalytical chemistry and biosensor development for clinical and biomedical research funded by NIH, and (2) continuous ambient gas and particle sensors funded by NIH and DOE will be available in the fall 2021.

Graduate students opening: Strong graduate students who are interested in pursue a Ph.D. in Zeng's lab are encouraged to communicate with Dr. Zeng. Ph.D. students will be trained in many areas including analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, electroanalytical chemistry and bioanalytical chemistry, chemical engineering and bioengineering, see lists of Dr. Zeng's menteers in academic and industry positions in the teaching tab at this website.

Dr. Zeng is the Symposium Chair for "Point-Of-Care Devices for Testing COVID-19 and Emerging Diseases", one day symposium for Pittcon 2022, March 6th – Wednesday, March 9th, 2022, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Dr. Nianqiang (Nick) Wu at University of Massachusetts Amherst is the co-chair of this symposium.

Dr. Zeng is the guest editor for Special issues of “Biomedical Sensing at Chemical Interfaces using Nanomaterials” in Frontiers in Chemistry (www.frontiersin.org), 2021 , submission is open.

Dr. Zeng was an invited speaker at international celebration of women and girls in science on Feb.11, 2021. The link to the article: https://www.oakland.edu/oumagazine/news/cas/2021/ous-xiangqun-zeng-to-speak-at-international-celebration-of-women-and-girls-in-science-

Dr. Zeng gave a Vebleo webinar for her work on chemical and biosensors. The video lecture has been publish on our YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_XXlkhk4fgCgfrClRHwrlw/videos or


Dr. Zeng won 2020 Frank Giblin Lifetime Achievement Award. It is given to the PI with the most funding over the course of their career at Oakland University.

Congratulations for Jacqueline Paul for 2019 Most Outstanding Thesis Award of her MS thesis entitled "“A Study of Antibiotic Resistance Effects on the Electrochemical Detection of Escherecia Coli" .

Congratulations for Postdoc Dr. Arun Sridhar to be invited for an interview on March 5th, 2020 for a Tenure-track analytical chemistry position at Cameron University in Lawton, OK !

Congratulations for Lu Lin who successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis in electrochemical gas sensor development.

Congratulations for Jacqueline Paul and Ian Archbold for successfully defended their MS thesis for biosensor developments.

Ke Qu, recent Ph.D. graduate from Dr. Zeng's lab won 2019 best Ph.D. thesis award for his Ph.D. thesis entitled "Condutive polymers and their application in electrochemistry, bio-sensing and environmental analysis" at Oakland University. Congratulations to Ke Qu.