XiangQun Zeng

Distinguished Professor of Chemistry

Zeng lab will move to Univ. of Missouri Columbia on Jan. 1, 2024. https://chemistry.missouri.edu/people/zeng 


June 12, 2022, Zeng group ( Dr. Xiaojun Liu, Dr. Arun Sridhar, Dr.  Sudeshna Mondal,  Fatemeh Fathi, Tongtong Chen, Tobias Glossmman, Dreana William, etc. )

and collaborators ( Dr. Yong Xu ( Wayne State University,  Dr. Zhihai Li ( Ball State University) and Dr.  Carol Koreniewski ( Texas Tech. Univ.)

What's New 

Dr. Zeng will chair two organized symposium sessions in Pittcon 2024Feb. 24-28, 2024 at Beautiful  San Diego, California,  USA. Pittcon is the biggest analytical conference in the United States.  


Dr. Zeng will chair an ACS symposium under the Division of Analytical Chemistry at ACS Spring 2024, New Orleans, March 17-21, 2024.  

Electrochemical Sensors for Healthcare and Environment, Co-chair: Dr. Jinxing Li at Michigan State University 

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION ACS Spring 2024 - American Chemical Society 

Dr. Zeng will serve on the Technical Program Committee of the International Symposium on Olfaction and Electronic Nose 2024 in Grapevine, TX, USA on May 19 – 22, 2024.https://www.isoen2022.org/   

Dr. Zeng has chaired three organized symposium sessions in Pittcon 2023,  March 18-23, 2023, in Philadephia, Pennsylvania, USA. Pittcon is the biggest analytical conference in the United States.  



All three sessions have outstanding speakers from Academic, Industry and government laboratories such as Timothy M. Swager from MIT, Jeff Wang and Netz Arroyo  from John Hopkins,  Yi Lu from Univ. of Texas Austin,  Dana Spencer from Michigan State Univ.  Kevin Johnson from Naval Research Laboratory  etc.

Sept. 2022


Research scientist and/or Postdoctoral Position  Available immediately at  Distinguished Professor Xiangqun Zeng’s Research Group at Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan, United State


Research Scientist:   The research scientist can be either a postdoctoral or research assistant professor level at Oakland University. He or /she will engage in research at a full-time basis, present results and prepare manuscripts for publications. In addition, for research assistant professor position, he or she can carry out independent research with the support of the faculty mentor as well as collaborative activities with external researchers.   It is expected that the research scientist has strong communication skills and can play key roles in strengthening the quality and productivity of the scientific work of the overall research team working on the research projects such as he/or she is responsible for training the graduate students and/other new postdocs to facilitate each of the group members to realize their full potential in creative research and learning environment.

The research scientist positions are funded by several National Institute of Health grants to develop in vitro and/or in vivo miniaturized biosensors for applications in environmental and health monitoring of environmental pollutants and clinical diagnostic of diseases (i.e., heart, cancer and neurodegenearative diseases). These projects are highly interdisciplinary with a team of health and medical researchers as well as sensor engineers at Oakland University, Wayne State University, Michigan State University and University of Michigan. The  goal in these projects is to develop next generation chemical sensor and biosensors for real-time in vitro, ex vivo, in vivo, in situ detection of important chemical and bioanalytes with high temporal, spatial resolution and sensitivity. The candidates’ knowledge about electrochemistry (redox chemistry), surface chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry and biosensors are strongly encouraged to apply.     


Dr. Zeng is a strong educator and mentor. She has trained over 80 students/postdoc/visiting scholar (24 postdocs, 9 visiting professors including one Fulbright scholar, 12 M.S. thesis and 8 Ph.D. thesis, over 20 undergraduate students, as thesis co-advisor for 5 Ph.D. and 1 M.S. student at other institutions). Seventeen of them are academic professors/scientists in US and other countries and many of them are industry scientists and leaders. Dr. Zeng was featured in a book entitled “Women Who Changed the World the Journey and the Joy” (Sunbury Press Inc. 2015).  Details of Dr. Zeng research, education and service activities can be found in her website: www.oakland.edu/~zeng


Please submit your CV with names of three references to Dr. Xiangqun Zeng  , Department of Chemistry, Oakland University, Rochester, MI 48309 by e-mail: zeng@oakland.edu. Review of applications will begin immediately. Affirmative Action/ Equal Opportunity Employer.

Other potential postdoc positions starting  2022 : (1) Point of care in vitro biosensor development for heart disease and infectious disease monitoring, and (2) developing in situ, in vivo or ex vivo real-time and continuous chemical sensor technology  for neuroscience and brain research;  (3) developing  in situ soil sensors for monitoring soil green house gas emission.

Graduate students opening: Strong graduate students who are interested in pursue a Ph.D. in Zeng's lab are encouraged to communicate with Dr. Zeng. Ph.D. students will be trained in many areas including analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, electroanalytical chemistry and bioanalytical chemistry, chemical  engineering and bioengineering, see lists of Dr. Zeng's menteers in academic and industry positions in the teaching tab at this website.  

Dr. Zeng won the Most Research Active Award at Oakland Univ. given to the investigator who got highest number of the grants in a given year.  See details at https://www.oakland.edu/oumagazine/news/research/ou-honors-innovative-engaging-researchers-at-annual-town-hall

Dr. Zeng  won the Most Active Grant Seeker Award, and  another honor is that this award will be named after Dr. Zeng in the future  

Dr. Zeng is the  Symposium Chair for "Point-Of-Care Devices for Testing COVID-19 and Emerging Diseases",   one day symposium for Pittcon 2022, March 6th – Wednesday, March 9th, 2022, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Dr. Nianqiang  (Nick) Wu at University of Massachusetts Amherst  is the co-chair of this symposium.

Dr. Zeng is the network session chair for " Advancing sensor technology to market for real world human impacts " for Pittcon 2022, March 6th – Wednesday, March 9th, 2022, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  Dr. Peter Hesketh, Professor of mechanical Engineering at George Tech. and Dr. Joseph Stetter, President of KWJ engineering are the co-chair for this networking session.  

Dr. Zeng is the guest editor for Special issues of “Biomedical Sensing at Chemical Interfaces using Nanomaterials”  in Frontiers in Chemistry (www.frontiersin.org),   2021 , submission is open.

Dr. Zeng was an invited speaker  at international celebration of women and girls in science on Feb.11, 2021. The link to the article: https://www.oakland.edu/oumagazine/news/cas/2021/ous-xiangqun-zeng-to-speak-at-international-celebration-of-women-and-girls-in-science- 

Dr. Zeng gave a Vebleo webinar for her work on chemical and biosensors. The video lecture has been publish on our YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_XXlkhk4fgCgfrClRHwrlw/videos  or 


Dr. Zeng won  2020 Frank Giblin Lifetime Achievement Award. It is given to the PI with the most funding over the course of their career  at Oakland University. 

Congratulations for Jacqueline Paul for  2019 Most Outstanding Thesis Award of her MS thesis  entitled "“A Study of Antibiotic Resistance Effects on the Electrochemical Detection of Escherecia Coli" . 

Congratulations for  Postdoc Dr. Arun Sridhar to be invited for an interview on March 5th, 2020 for a Tenure-track analytical chemistry position at Cameron University in Lawton, OK !

Congratulations for Lu Lin who successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis in electrochemical gas sensor development.  

Congratulations for Jacqueline Paul and Ian Archbold for successfully defended their MS thesis for biosensor developments.

Ke Qu, recent Ph.D. graduate from Dr. Zeng's lab won 2019 best Ph.D. thesis award for his Ph.D. thesis entitled "Condutive polymers and their application in electrochemistry, bio-sensing and environmental analysis" at Oakland University.  Congratulations to Ke Qu.