Li Li

Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Oakland University

Office: 350 MSC

Phone: 248-370-3447

Fax: 248-370-4184


Research Interest

  • Cluster algebra and related geometry and combinatorics.

  • Algebra, Geometry and Combinatorics of Schubert varieties.

  • Algebra, Geometry and Combinatorics of points in the plane or in higher dimensional spaces, which include: the ideal defining the diagonal locus in (C^2)^n and the related combinatorial object such as q,t-Catalan numbers; Hilbert scheme of points on a Deligne-Mumford stack.

  • Algebro-geometrical, topological and combinatorial properties of the objects related to arrangement of subvarieties, including hyperplane arrangement and subspace arrangement; wonderful compactifications of arrangements of subvarieties;the relation of arrangement with the study of singularities.

  • The theory of Lawson homology and morphic cohomology.

  • Groups and Cayley graphs.


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