Welcome to the new home of the Eugene Children's Film Festival!

In the Spring of 2019, following a successful five year run, the Academic Achievement Center (AAC) Foundation asked Oak Hill School to become the sponsors of the Festival. We were happy to accept. We look forward to many years of supporting the Festival and to helping it to thrive and grow.

The next annual Festival is scheduled for June 6, 2020 on the campus of Oak Hill School.


Share your film with us! In addition to our annual Film Festival, we plan to offer opportunities throughout the year to share your work - and to see what other young filmmakers are doing. Be sure to stay in tune with our bi-weekly newsletter for ideas on how to make a film from start to finish.


Join us online or for one of our upcoming community events. Learn from other student filmmakers, share what you know, work with professionals, watch student, indie, and commercial films, read our bi-weekly newsletter - and just hang out with other filmmakers.

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2019 Montage 5th Annual Eugene Children's Film Festival.mp4

2019 Eugene Children's Film Festival

The year of 2019 hosted the 5th annual Eugene Children's Film Festival. The judges received about thirty unique films to critique.

The selection of the top ten films were the following:

  1. Granny's War by Jasmine Ko and Nathan Ko
  2. M.P.I. by Thomas Isenhart
  3. Our Forest — One Family's Legacy by John Baldwin
  4. Stonebrook Academy - Oak Hill School Young Company
  5. Live your story by Lisa de Paula
  6. Life of a Tree by Effie Larson
  7. Oregon's Forests — Editing Challenge by Keith Todd
  8. Oregon's Forests — Editing Challenge by Jack Swanson
  9. First by Elijah Reed
  10. Stickman's Misadventure by Carter Willis