May 28

Drive to Rawlins, WY

Burger King-yummy….hadn’t eaten a chicken ranch sandwich this good, or been to BK for years! $19 with shakes

SLEET very bad when we were almost out of Utah….heavy sleet at Little America...slow and safe moving. About 40 cars & trucks off the highway in the hail/sleet storm.

562 miles 8 ½ hours Stayed at Rawlins, Wyoming Equestrian Center 2 stalls at $20 each $40

May 29

Carbon County Vet Hospital for 2nd health cert $50 in Rawlins,WY great office, fast, efficient

McDonald’s breakfast and Walmart for DEF at Casper…..home to Poison Spider Road and lots of pronghorn antelope on the sides of the road….so pretty with their black/white masks. Joe is no longer a virgin to wearing his pajama bottoms in Walmart!!!!!! Passed a restaurant sign with moving horse on top….if he’s lopin, we’re open!

A sign coming into Harrison, Wyoming says "Harrison, next four exits." Harrison's population is 251. The four "exits" are the four actual roads of Harrison, as they intersect the highway. lol

Arrived at Ft Robinson State Park 3200 Hwy 20 Crawford, NE 69339 308 665 2900 , Met Bob/Sherry Bilbo from Seymour, TN. Nice campground area, kept horses at mare barn - close to us.

Ate at Ft Robinson restaurant $50, average food.

May 30

Brenda: East Mexican Canyon 9.8 miles

Difficulty 2

Overall 4

Had a neighborhood smorgasbord with the Bilbo's and other horse campers .

May 31

Brenda: Smiley Canyon/AT&T 10 miles

Difficulty 4

Overall 6

Shopped museum and books for Warren $38….included ice cream!!! They had a rodeo this night, with local riders from the area.

Going through the campus, I just felt guilty….this is where Chief Crazy Horse was stabbed in the back and left to die alone. We treated the Indians with no respect and it is such a stain on mankind. So sad and bad vibes.