May 21

Brenda: Drove to Kanub, Utah per recommendation of Pat/Jerry Cantrell Amy at Pariah River Ranch...great location!

First ride to Moon Canyon 2 ½ hours 6 miles

Difficulty 4

Overall 8.5

3 pink blooming cactus, 2 bobolink birds, lots of white lizards, amazing rock formations, canyons gas 19.2 gallons, $65.27 51,997

Bought 6 (huge) bales weed free hay, 3 bags grain $120 from a camper who was headed out and didn't need anymore. One night, two horses and camp site $38

May 22

Long Canyon Ride 2 hours 6 miles,

Difficulty 3

Overall 8.5

Go out cattle gates to right...out and back...beautiful, lizards and 2 horned toads. Pretty ride!

Drove 118 miles to BRYCE Canyon, Utah...our farthest destination point, and top of the bucket list!!

WE MADE IT!!!!!! BRYCE CANYON!!! Must check in with Chaney at horse motel desk at Rubys, Brady Styrrett (big guy) sets up trailer rental...others are wranglers for the season…..

Lost emergency escape window on the trip…..BAILEY! Stopped at Exit 89 for livestock inspection...checked coggins and health certificate. Cluster : Check in at Ruby Inn at horse concession...they take payment $10/horse/day $15/day/trailer rental, $40 camping, $20 refundable stall cleaning deposit. Then go to fairgrounds to put horses in non covered 10 x 10 stalls

Ate at Ruby's In Steak and Buffet….good food and beer, too $47 Horse hotel great help

May 23

First ride with Pat/Jerry Cantrell, their horses Suzie and Roper, our partners, Charlie and Little Dee

Peekaboo Loop 9.5 miles, 2900 foot climb…...BEST RIDE EVER!!!!!!! So many beautiful hoodoos, painted mountains, views, and I still am smiling!!! No feeling like riding up to the beginning of the canyon and seeing the beauty of this awesome, magic place. We are so lucky to be able to share/ride in this awesome park!!

Must follow instructions: Call park to place your reservation Dana at Bryce Canyon Natl Park 435 834 4736….will be asked for time slot 7:30 am or 12:30 pm. We placed our reservation early January for end of May ride. Go through park...they accept Senior Pass for free admittance. Go to parking for RV/trailers on left and wait for ranger to check papers. They ask about weed free hay, coggins, health cert. Then go 1/10 mile on right….sign says service road do not enter….park and ride about ½ mile to entrance of the canyon. You will pass the horse concession….it is only $90 to ride their healthy horses for those who can’t bring their own. Did I say BEST RIDE EVER????

Difficulty 7

Overall…..off the charts….25!!!!

May 24

Brenda: Happy 59th birthday, Joe!!!!

What did my wonderful, loving husband wish for?? But, of course, another great ride!! Rode Thunder Mountain...9 miles 3 ½ hours total ascent 2800 feet.

Difficulty 7

Overall 9

Inspiration Point…….got a star!!!! :) hogback ridges, outhouse with no door. Park just past tunnel on left-large brown sign Dixie National Forest/Red Canyon

Ate at Cowyboy Ranch House...very good burger, enchilada and beer $56

Ice cream, ice, beer $27

Joe: meh

May 25

Red Canyon trail head to Losey Canyon trail head…...out and back 16 miles 5:45 hours with Pat/Jerry

Difficulty 5.5

Overall 8

May 26

Second chance to ride the BEST RIDE IN THE WORLD??? Heck yes!!!! 9.5 miles 2900 feet elevation

Took newbies Melissa and Eugene, on their horses Stella and Casey AWESOME, once again!

May 27

Willis Creek Slot Canyon…..

Beautiful trail….our second favorite. There is water the first mile...easy through the creek and a tight canyon.

Take Rt 12 to Tropic, Right at Cannonville go 3 miles...Right on Skutump go 6 miles on dirt road...you WILL need 4WD .... tough hills.

Out and back, we did part of Sheep Creek but went right at first for several miles 10 miles with Melissa and Eugene.

Difficulty 2

Overall 9.5

Lots of hikers, go early…...miles of slot canyon, beautiful rock striping….gorgeous!