May 3

Brenda: Left Arkansas a day early as they were having a bad thunderstorm. Drive to Bell, Texas, near Sherman. Gas Russellville, AK Harps $2.89 16.48 gallons $47.79 49,938 miles on the odometer.

Gas Savannah, OK King’s Travel Plaza 19.489 gallons $56.50 50,143

Food, chicken $15.52

Pizza for family $30

Joe: Someone said that, in a pinch, you could always spend the night at local County Fairgrounds. Since we're a day early, the round pen we ordered delivered to Lee & Veronica's farm hasn't arrived. We tried the fairgrounds in Denison, TX but they were locked up tight.…..Lee’s friend/employee Eli Carter at 509 S Broadway St in Bells, TX let us put Charlie and Dee with his 2 horses for 2 days. Would not take any payment...great guy! Pay it forward!!

May 4

Brenda: WARREN!!!!! Lee, Veronica, Shadow and Fred just purchased 27 acres on April 10th….beautiful with 2 lakes, frogs, fish, wildflowers-primrose, Indian paint brush, lobelia, field of corn, storage shed, and a camper pad with hook up w/electric/water.

TX state flower-blue bonnet/lupine bloom in April, roadside full of pink and yellow primrose.

Dogs got along great and enjoyed swimming and frogging all day!

Warren has no teeth yet, loves his mommy and daddy, is a good eater, an animal lover, crawling and pulling himself up and takes steps with help.

May 5

Brenda: Ate at La Cima Mexican restaurant, $102. First 2 horseback rides for Warren on CHARLIE...with Grandma holding him. He loved it, moved with his motion. Silly Grandpa, Warren rode on his shoulders while weeding at the lake.

Purchased round pen ready for Warren’s first pony. $730 delivered

Joe: Charlie and Dee took off across the field when Brenda had them out on lead. and ran at least ½ mile down the road. I jumped in the truck and Lee & Brenda ran cross-country to get them.

May 6

Brenda: Enjoyed family time at Lee & V's house.

Camped that night at the property and dogs loved it! Iris is the neighbor next door. Met friends Dustin and son Davian, 11.

Major fun cookout around the washing machine fire ring. . Warren ate dirt :)). First smore all over grandma, and in Warren’s belly!!! A dirty grandson is a happy grandson!!! :) Outdoor boy, for sure!! Shadow loves him! Veronica rode Dee around the farm, I took Charlie and Warren in shorts...all happy

Joe: Lee & I worked mowing and cutting a path to other side of the lake. Lee had longsleeves, I didn't. First time in my life, I get poison-oak or ivy, up past my elbows. Nice.

Warren got his FIRST GUITAR LESSON and didn’t care about the fiddle... yet!

May 7

Joe took trailer to get leaking water line valve fixed Texoma RV $145.38

Italian Napolis $61

Walmart tarps, hose, booze, food $161.12

TSC fly sprays, lead ropes, reats $66.32

East Texas Pics

May 8

Brenda: Left Warren….:(((

Alon 7-11 Harold, TX 21.9 gallons $60.94 50,630 miles on the odometer.

Ice, sandwiches, drink, Subway, little grass for dogs $15.00

Arrived at Pole Canyon Ranch 2600 FM 689 Quitaque, Tx 79255 806-269-1446

Owners Lynett and Phil, nice older couple, check in daily 2 days riding, most in open hot sun. No shade, DUSTY, WINDY, 10 x 10 no covered stalls, electric, water, nice bath house, you share campsite with cows.

SOLO 3 mile walk on Charlie...4 jack rabbits,, 1 road runner. Dust storm, drought, coyotes

Nice folks next door from Ft Dodge, Iowa...Martha and Ron Steinkamp 515-571-3447

Joe: On the way to Quitaque, we drove thru Turkey, Texas, birthplace of Bob Wills!!!!! Brenda said "Bob who?"

May 9

8:15 ride 14 miles, very little water, 1 rattlesnake, 2 rabbits - 1 regular, 1 jack

Difficulty 3

Overall 4

Drove to Turkey, for picture of Joe with Bob Wills tour bus.

Allsups Quitaque, TX $2.99 gal 19.4 gallons $58.04 50,821

May 10

Brenda: Drove to Caprock Canyon State Park 2 nights - no electric $44, mini Grand Canyon with bison…..beautiful,

Lots of pretty rocks, huge lake, pretty mountains. Pronghorns, deer, and buffalo all around.

Rode the Lower Canyon Loop counter clockwise 9 miles, 3 hours, 3 bison, 2 snakes

Difficulty 5

Overall 10

Joe: Attempted Mesa Loop , got lost. The map says the loop is 1 mile. The sign at the loop entrance says 2.5 miles. They've obviously added some mileage since the map was printed. Doubled back at dark 7 miles ride. Saw 50 bison, including the boss-man bull, who we inadvertently separated from his herd. Very windy overnight, 50 mph gusts. Almost killed the dogs running the generator too close to the spare can of diesel fuel.

May 11

Brenda: Lower Canyon Loop 9:00 clockwise 9 miles...1 mule deer, 20 bison, quail. This was the trail we rode yesterday. It was so pretty, we did it again clockwise...

Ate lunch and bought breakfast from lady in park concession….good $23

Took dogs to lake to swim/play in the heat

Windy, free microderm abrasion….average shower house 50,857 miles on the odomoeter.

Bailey growled at the life-sized metal buffalo artwork at the park