OSA Student & Family Resources

The OSA Student & Family Resource website was created to help families navigate available resources on site and within our community. OSA communication will continue to be shared through our website (www.oakarts.org) and through direct OSA email announcements. Please check PowerSchool to ensure we have your current email address or email studentrecords@oakarts.org to update.

For more information about adding additional resources please email kzaugg@oakarts.org and mlevine@oakarts.org coordinators of the support team.

Phone numbers/hotlines and counseling services

OSA School Lunch

Register for school lunch!

Meet the team!

Link to OSA Academic Counseling website

(For all incidents and way to seek guidance in making a formal report)

Resources for wellness

Steps to complete permit

Tech support & tutorials

Medical and health services for students and families

Contribute to funds to support OSA families & opportunities to volunteer