OABCIG Bond Issue

Frequently Asked Questions

OABCIG High School

OABCIG Elementary - Odebolt

OABCIG Middle School

Frequently Asked Questions...

(Questions will be added as they are received)

1. Why are these updates needed at this time?

The district feels that these updates have been needed for a long time, and will continue to be needs if they are not addressed now. Our classrooms are severely outdated and are not optimal conditions for a learning environment. The district also needs an auditorium to provide quality fine arts programs, assemblies, and a larger venue for community events. The current locker rooms are sub-par for use by our students and are not compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act due to them being on a lower level.

2. How long is the term of the bond?

The original term of the bond will be for 20 years. This term could be shorter if the bonds are paid off earlier, but will not be any longer than 20 years.

3. Where and when do we vote?

The polls will be open from 12-8pm on June 25th. Polling locations are as follows:

  1. Polling locations will be determined by the County Auditor closer to the election date

4. Has anyone considered adding to the bond to hard surface the running track around the football field in Odebolt? The middle school kids have to practice in the halls and on the streets for track. It could also be used for PE. The bleachers and crows nest are also something that could use some TLC.

The subject of improvements to the current track at the Odebolt facility has been discussed. It has not been included as part of the bond issue because it was deemed to be a lower priority than the academic space improvements that are needed. The athletic facility needs at the Odebolt site can be addressed using district PPEL funds.