Teacher Leadership Compensation

The Teacher Leadership Compensation (TLC) Legislation in Iowa requires all school districts to have a TLC plan and to have faculty in teacher leadership roles. Funds are provided for school districts to implement TLC plans.

The vision of the TLC system in the Orient-Macksburg Community School District is to design and create a teacher leadership system with quality implementation where student learning will increase, student outcomes will improve, and students will be prepared to succeed in a globally competitive environment.

Upon receiving the planning grant for the Teacher Leadership and Compensation System, the Orient-Macksburg Community School District put together a planning committee, consisting of two administrators, two elementary teachers, one secondary teacher and one parent. The team put together an action plan.

The District Action Plan includes the following components:

  • Aligning instruction with the Iowa Core Curriculum
  • Differentiating instruction to better meet student needs
  • Incorporating 21st Century Skills to develop productive citizens (technology)
  • Fostering interpersonal relationships, self-esteem, and resiliency