Report an Incident

If you are a regular rider on New Zealand's roads we strongly urge you to wear a helmet cam.

This is the best evidence you can collect of poor (or good) driver behaviour. In many cases drivers will spot the camera and improve their behaviour remarkably!

Report An Incident

Have you had an incident with a vehicle or cyclist on New Zealand roads? Here are some options for reporting poor driver behaviour.

RoadWatch: Report using the secure online RoadWatch Form. This does require that you have a rego, or know the driver's details.

*555 If you have your phone with you, and can take action immediately, call this police number.

Don't know the details, or registration?

It's much harder for a horse rider to report an incident to police, until it becomes a major injury or death (and sadly, even then they may not take it seriously if it involves a horse). This means that many fewer incidents of poor driving or inconsiderate behaviour appear in statistics. This form will let you report an incident, even if you don't have the registration or enough detail to make a police report. Please help us to improve road safety for horse riders by reporting any incident when you are riding.