Immigration Medicals

What are the Charges? see FEE

$300 for adults 15+ years (Medical + Lab + Xray)

$250 for pregnant women (Medical + Lab)

$250 for children aged 11-14 years (Medical + Xray)

$150 for children aged under 11 years ( Medical only)

(For Saturday appointments there is a surcharge of $50 per person)

Any Additional Charges ?

$60 - Mini Mental state examination in the elderly, where required.

$75 - consultation fee per additional visits ( if results are very abnormal, you may be called for a second visit to discuss the results, further exam and history taking

$$$ - any additional lab testing if required. See Fees for some examples.

How long does it take ?

One to Two hrs. Complex immigration medicals can take longer

and an extended consult fee of $20 may be payable. e.g when an interpreter is required.

What should I bring?

  1. Bring your original PASSPORT
  2. GLASSES / contact lens holder if any. We need to check your vision
  3. REGULAR MEDICINES list and Any useful medical reports you may have.
  4. Evidence of pregnancy (if applicable).

Please note that your photo will now be taken by a member of our team. This service is included in our charges. You are no longer required to bring your own passport photos.

What happens if the Lab / X-ray results are abnormal?

You may be asked to book a second visit with us. You may need medication and/or further tests. ( extra charges apply). The doctor will review your case, explain the findings and refer you for further treatment to your GP. If you do not have a GP, the doctor can act as your GP.

I have received a letter requesting further tests.

These can be lab tests, ultrasound, ECG etc. We will help you arrange these tests and arrange specialist reports when required. Additional charges will apply.

Do I need an appointment?

No, you can walk in. The waiting times will depend on other patients present. We will be able to fit quite a few walk in patients.

We do recommend that you make an appointment.

For booking an appointment Call 09 534 7253 or email ( with name/s, age/s, date and time you want to come)

What are the Blood and Urine testing requirements?

If you are mildly (or very) unwell or on a short course of antibiotics, wait until you are completely well and no longer taking medication before having your exam.

Do not have alcohol or high fat meals 48 hours before your blood tests.

Do not consume kava for 48 hours before your blood tests.

Women need to take the exam at least 2 days after your period (menses) has finished.

Should I prepare for intimate examinations ?

Intimate examinations are usually not necessary.

Women over 45 and those with a history of breast lumps will require a breast examination. A chaperone will be made available if requested.

A recent mammogram / ultrasound can be submitted as an alternate to breast exam.

Should I come fasting?

No, it is not a requirement for the tests.

What to expect during the appointment?

The receptionist will take your passport and begin creating your Health Case for your Immigration Medical. You will be asked a few questions and then your photo will be taken. You now wait in the waiting room.

Your height and weight measurements are carried out before you see the doctor. Your vision is then tested. You are then asked to provide a urine sample and a urine test is completed.

The doctor/nurse then calls you into the office and takes a thorough history and examination. The doctor now knows which lab tests are required and fills the lab referral form accordingly.

What happens after the examination?

Results arrive into our computer automatically within 1-2 days. If your results are normal we will submit the application to Immigration on the same day the results arrive or by the next day.

Abnormal results can take a little longer. We can send an email to you when the form has been submitted. We will contact you as needed. You can also contact us by email or phone for any queries.