The Verbatim Performance Lab (VPL) uses verbatim performance techniques as an investigative tool to explore, interrogate, challenge, combat, and disrupt preconceived notions, implicit biases, and intolerances across a spectrum of political, cultural, and social beliefs and experiences.

Current Project

Moore / Jones Challenge

Affiliated Artists & Scholars

Joe Salvatore (Lab Director)

Will Barlow (University of Aberdeen)

Troy Beard

Ryan Conarro

Daryl Embry

Maria Guadalupe (INSEAD-France)

Analisa Gutierrez

Cassie Holzum

Keith R. Huff

Márion Talán

Ashley Renee Thaxton

Andy Wagner

Rachel Tuggle Whorton

Interns: Sarah Bedwell & Suzy Hunt

VPL is a project of the Program in Educational Theatre.

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