Sora Heng Yin

Department of Linguistics, New York University (NYU)

Contact information:

Email: sora.heng.yin (at) nyu (dot) edu

Mail: 10 Washington Place, Office 507

New York, NY, 10003, USA

Phone: +1 212 992 7516

Hi there, I'm a second-year PhD student in the Department of Linguistics at NYU, specializing in phonology and phonetics. Specifically, I'm interested in using experimental methods to explore the role of phonological learnability as well as phonetics in shaping language typology and change. Such topics range from biased acquisition of phonological alternations, interaction between phonological and lexical acquisition, to diachronic changes and synchronic patterns regulated by phonetically-motivated constraints. My advisor is Gillian Gallagher.

Prior to coming to New York, I finished my MA in Linguistics at University College London (UCL), where under the supervision of James White, I wrote my thesis titled biased acquisition of neutralising phonological alternations in artificial language learning. I received my BA in Translation and Interpretation (Chinese-English & Chinese-Japanese) at Shanghai International Studies University (SISU).