What is ProActive?

ProActive is a digital platform that connects young adults to professionals, through an engaging and personalized career exploration experience.

Our target users are young adults (15 to 24-year-old), who has the pressing need either to choose a university major, or to seek an internship/job. We compile structured, visually-compelling and image-rich career stories from individual professionals through crowdsourcing, and then personalize content based on user interests.

To learn our product idea within 2 mins, watch this video

To view our product demo video, click here

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Why ProActive?

There is a massive mismatch between the way today’s young adults are used to obtain information and interact with other and the way the career related information is currently presented. We created a digital social environment where the UX is visually compelling, image-rich, and engaging - just like our target users are accustomed to.

Young adults generally get career advice within their communities - parents, teachers, and near-peers. The limitations of their network often give them misconception about careers or their own abilities, especially in low-income communities. Our guided discovery approach extends their horizon through featured topics, structured content, and direct interaction with professionals.

Having a purpose gives people the motivation to be proactive, to make effort, and to have a long term view. Young adults are often fail to see the connection between the tasks they need to do today and the ultimate goal they want to achieve later in life. We show these links through our engaging personal stories of professionals. We also make entry level job relevant to their goal.

How does ProActive do it exactly?

  • Put a face to a job - create personal connections
  • Highlighted mutual interests - who said Disney and video games are not legit career interests? See how others make a living based on topics you like!
  • Ask questions/ Leave comments - users can interact with professionals through asynchronous Q & A
  • Share - users can share profiles with specific friends who might be interested in, or share it on their social media
  • Like - give a boost to the profile; profiles with higher popularity will have higher exposure, which offers an incentive for content providers
  • Add to Wishlist - add the profile to your Wishlist; the app will then find more relevant content and opportunities for you
  • Bookmark - save it to local customized folders; read more anywhere anytime, even on subway when there is no WiFi
  • Personalize recommendation based on Wishlist - better connection, higher motivation
  • Push notification for users - less hassle, more possibilities
  • Connect to NYC Open data - existing open database with hundreds of available employment opportunities specifically for young adults
  • Search with Featured content - guided discovery; just a bit of randomness makes people more open-minded
  • Support fuzzy queries