Zoom Active Learning Activities

Now that you've held a live, fully remote, zoom class session (it may have went absolutely terrific, or it may have been a bit unusual or awkward) we are here to help you plan instructional activities.

We understand how strenuous and anxiety-provoking this transition can feel. The good news is that many of the activities you've always done in-class (like group presentations or guest lectures) can be facilitated online using NYU Zoom.

That said, some of the practices you may have typically relied upon in your in-person instruction (like asking a question and waiting for an answer) might fall flat in the virtual space since it's a bit easier to "hide behind a screen" and participation can feel a bit lacking.

So, to help, we've compiled a list of many activities which you can try out within your Zoom sessions going forward.

Do you have an activity that you'd be willing to share to our ever-growing database? If so, please send it in and we'll post it!