Kimberly Oliveir Fraud Recovery Project

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The above video is a fave...clip taken at one of the Hotels I stayed at, The Redbury, while I was waiting too long for prosciutto and fried dough. The Bartender named Leo - who you can see in the background at the end of the tape - decided it be a great idea to have his dealer make a drop BEFORE he gave me my to-go. The food was cold and plenty other guests received theirs before me when I had order before them. Leo was waiting for his "friend" - the male in the foreground of the video - before he completed my take out. Cahonas! Try to be less obvious. [pub. October 23, 2019] EDIT: No, I did not eat the food, lol. [pub. Sat|Oct|26|2019|6:40PM]

Below you can click on the individual images, various screenshots of my phone and devices. Cyber Fraud and Identity Theft that continue to this day, also as Stalking in both on the Internet and in Real Life. I'm just tossing stuff up here for now, because just a hour or two ago, whoever it was got into my IG and deleted it. I hope to have a nice timeline arranged with explanations for y'all soon, with the LOTS more to come. And yes, I know who it is, all of them. [pub. October 23, 2019] EDIT: IG was back up shortly...I am Embedding feeds below bare with me...hard to get online when there are multiple means of Stalking going on...PokemonGO lol ok im going [pub. Sat|Oct|26|2019|6:20PM]

CYBER_______ aka mostly screenshots, some clips, videos, but all this shows how the one you might least expect is a likely suspect. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE & CYA .... more to come !