David Storrs-Fox

I am a Philosophy Futures Postdoctoral Lecturer at NYU. I received my PhD in Philosophy from NYU in September 2020. I came to NYU from Oxford, where I received a BPhil in Philosophy and a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE).

My work defends novel conclusions about the metaphysics of action, and brings them to bear on issues in ethics and decision theory. I am also interested in early modern philosophy. My CV is here, and my email address is david.storrsfox@nyu.edu . My teaching page is here.


  • 'Explanation and the A-theory' (Philosophical Studies, forthcoming) [abstract | draft]

  • 'Hume's Skeptical Definitions of 'Cause'' (Hume Studies 43:1, 2017) [abstract | draft | published]

Other papers