NEW DREAMS Reimagining Public Service Communication

New Dreams: Reimagining Public Service Communication in 2021 is a showcase of ad campaigns for social good that were created by students in “Ad Campaigns,” a course taught by Jean Railla in the department of Media, Culture, and Communication at the Steinhardt School of New York University in the Spring of 2021.

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Get Home Final Presentation.pdf

The Dream of Safe Streets Part 1. The threat (and reality) of violence against women makes walking home late at night an ongoing problem for all those who identify as female. 1800-GET-HOME tackles the issue with a proposed hotline service as well as a city-wide educational campaign. By Emily WIlson, Alisha Dhir and Reilly Karger

Universal Basic Income.pdf

The Dream of a New American Dream. A campaign for Universal Basic Income (UBI) inspired by WPA-era posters and the idea of the American Dream — a dream that promises a better life for all, no matter what race, nationality or class. By Brielle Albert, Macky Dancy and Maureen Zeufack.

Deaf Awareness Presentation.pdf

The Dream of Empathy and Awareness. #ListenUp educates the hearing and empowers the deaf. Of note is the experiential advertising component which seeks to build empathy by recreating the experience of deafness. By Ellie Gershunwald, Layla Lee and Nichel O'Garro.

Girls Just Want to....pdf

The Dream of Safe Streets Part 2. Girls Just Want To...Be Safe provides female-identifying students and anyone else that wishes to participate with tangible safety measures and tools including Safe NYU, an app that geolocates and pairs students travelling late at night. By Sandra Ittah and AnnetteYang.

Plant the Rainbow edited.pdf

The Dream of Utopian Solutions. Plant the Rainbow reimagines compostable candy wrappers that transforms into flowers when planted. This is what true recycling could look like. By Hayley Villapudua, Avantica Pandey and Caitlin Bishop.

GSOC Strike.pdf

The Dream of a Living Wage. #Just Sign It supports the NYU's Graduate Students' Organizing Committee (GSOC) fight for a fair union contract through clear communication, infographics and easy access to an online petition. By Jackson Harris and Cortlandt Meyerson

Anti Asian Hate.pdf

The Dream of Cosmopolitanism. Imagined as a campaign by the NYC Mayor's Office, I Also Love NY updates the iconic tagline as a message of Anti-Asian Hate. By Gemyla Huang & Frank Li

Fashion4All Presentation.pdf

The Dream of Slow Fashion. Fuck Fast Fashion demonstrates how sustainable fashion can be affordable by shopping for second-hand clothes and organizing community-wide clothing swaps.

Always Teen.pdf

The Dream of Teen Empowerment. Here for you, Always, reaches teens with a complete rebrand of menstruation products. The updated design includes illustration, stickers and a more contemporary feel while the messaging focusses on de-stigmatizing menstruation. By Emma Comrie, Heidi Kim, Doreen Litvak and Julia Wiggs.

Sleep Dream Bigger.pdf

The Dream of a Good Night Sleep. Dream Bigger addresses sleep issues with a gamification model that rewards students for attending educational seminars, plus a university-wide, Casper-sponsored sleep-pod rooms for napping. By Annabella Farrugia, Erin Scott and Thea Wang.

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This collection of student work was created during April and May of 2020, when New York City was the global epicenter of the pandemic.

While attending class from their homes in Tel Aviv, Krakow, Cairo, Shanghai and cities across the US, the students transformed their anxiety and anger about the pandemic and the social and political issues surrounding it, into powerful and unexpected PSA's. (For example a PSA embedded into Animal Crossing Game Play (above) and a poster series helping parents of young children cope with their feelings. )

As a whole, 2020 Vibes reveals the hopes and concerns of students in Fall, 2020.

The campaigns addressed a number of issues related to the pandemic including many on the topic of mental health, loneliness and depression.

There were also a few light-hearted approaches. One campaign promoted "Dopamine Dressing," to combat ennui and another took on the prevalence of Sexually Transmitted Infections (see image above) in Gen Z.