A Space for Language

10 Years of Linguistics at 10 Washington Place

The NYU Linguistics Department is celebrating 10 years in 10 Washington Place! Join us on this commemorative evening to learn about child language development, social uses of language, meaning and interpretation, language and the brain, endangered languages, and more. A faculty forum will be followed by food, drink and a Linguistics Science Fair in 10 Washington Place.



6:00-7:30: Faculty Forum in 5 Washington Place, Room 101

Laurel MacKenzie (NYU): What’s in a name? Linguistic richness in the study of names

Ailís Cournane (NYU): How children learn to talk about the mind

Lucas Champollion (NYU): Two switches and a light: what a logic puzzle tells us about language

Patricia Irwin (Swarthmore, PhD ‘12): What a swear word reveals about grammar and social context

7:30-9:00: Reception and Linguistics Science Fair in 10 Washington Place


English Dialects class: How we talk from coast to coast: Regional dialects of American English

Alicia Chatten: Language in Space

Maddie Gilbert: I say frijoles, you say porotos: Regional differences in Spanish words

Laura Gwilliams: Transforming acoustic input into a hierarchy of linguistic representations

Greg Guy: Changing accents: Why don't New Yorkers sound like they used to?

Alicia Mason: Guess the Accent

Naomi Lee: From the riders of Essos (Dothraki) to the ones who hope (Esperanto): Identities and ideas through constructed languages

Soo-Hwan Lee: Expressing politeness in Korean

Kate Mooney: Linguistic Fieldwork: Making generalizations about an unfamiliar language

Alicia Parrish and Julien Dirani: Do you have a dictionary in your brain?

Guy Tabachnick: When did languages borrow words, and how do we know?

Zvjezdana Vrzic: An endangered Romance enclave in Istria, Croatia: Documenting and preserving the Vlashki/Zheyanski language


Interactive demonstration: "Ultrasound: the inside story of pronunciation"

...and more stations TBA!