NymTech Gear

Our NymTech Gear is coming along. We have our first prototype and it was a success at this year's CNIB Tech Fair in Ottawa.

Take a look at some of the models who tried on the prototype jacket and wanted to leave with it!

Service dog owners who use dog coats, in rain and snow, often find it frustrating and a hassle to have to take the harness on and off each time they put on or off their dogs jacket. The NymGear coat allows for the handle of the harness to slip out from the jacket, allowing the user to put the coat on over the harness and not losing any control and information from the dog.

Coats are made of a durable and water resistant fabric and will be equipped with reflective tape and badges to indicate that they are a working service dog.

Each dog coat has double section of spandex fabric that allows for the handles to move easily between the flap and the harness.

Here are a few of our models showing off our prototype!