Executive Board

Emily Dickens visits NYIT-SHRM for a special event discussing "The Future of HR"

Emily Dickens along with the executive board inducted for the school year 2019-2020

(Left to Right: Tara Nicholson, Emily Dickens, Supraja Raghavan, Durjayeta Lall, Ashli Pacheco, Aung Hto Khaing, Prof. William Ninehan, Ali Alshareef)


Professor William Ninehan

Chapter Advisor

Has been the advisor of the NYIT SHRM Chapter since 2010. HE is a Director in the Center for HR Studies and joined NYIT in 2001, having previously help numerous HR Specialist and Management positions in NYC and New Jersey

Contact at: wninehan@nyit.edu

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Durjayeta Lall

Co - President

BA in Psychology from CUNY-Queens, Devi worked as a Beauty Advisor for companies such as Estee Lauder, Tory Burch, and Burberry. While working in the retail industry she wanted to improve the lines of communication between management and employees, which led her to pursue further studies in HR. She is currently a Vendor Specialist for the Beauty Prestige Group.

Contact at dlall@nyit.edu

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Ashli Pacheco

Co - President

BBA in Fashion Merchandising from LIM College, current HR Administrator & Social Media Manager for a Supermarket cooperative operating 47 locations. Fashion enthusiast with a passion for working with people and growing in the field of HR.

Contact at: apache01@nyit.edu

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Ali Alshareef


Majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Health Service Admin. Ali's father grew up in a small village in family who faced numerous hurdles growing up providing all he could for his family. Ali never gave up but always was motivated to be Ambitious and prosper to give back to the communities making sure that he can provide to others, driven by his father approach and support.

Contact at: aalsha18@nyit.edu

Aung Hto Khaing


Born and raised in Myanmar, graduated from high school in Singapore, currently completing final year of undergraduate studies in B.S, Business Administration - Management. His entrepreneurial interest and eagerness to understand the multifaceted field of business led to his involvement with the SHRM Chapter at NYIT. Also current president of INFORMS Student Chapter at NYIT.

Contact at: akhaing@nyit.edu

Supraja Raghavan

Director of Student Relations

Born and raised in India, MBA graduate, Supraja worked as a HR Operation associate with Microsoft. Her passion towards exploring and learning international Human Resources pushed her towards post graduate school. Her goal after graduation is to serve the needs of international community.

Contact at: sraghava@nyit.edu

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Menekaa Lal

Director of Community Relations

Born and raised in Mumbai, Menekaa did her BA and certificate course in HR from UCLA which helped her getting a job as a recruiter. She has over three years of work experience and her passion to enhance her knowledge further led her to study Masters in HR.

Contact Me: mlal@nyit.edu

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Tara Nicholson

Director of Communications

Born and raised in Georgetown, SC Tara is an Army Veteran who works as an Executive Assistant and Program Manager with the Federal Aviation Administration. Tara has worked in the HR sector for 3 years and for the federal government for 15 years. She saw the need for government organizations to look at HR more strategically and was instrumental in doing so while her agency reorganized. This furthered her passion for all things HR related.

Contact Me: tnicho03@nyit.edu

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