Lauren Salitan

My name is Lauren Salitan. I am a current senior at the Urban Assembly New York Harbor School, in the Marine Biology Research Program. Within Marine Biology, I have been studying the effects of acute chlorine exposure on young (larvae and spat) Crassostrea virginica (Eastern Oyster) growth, development, and behavior for the past three years. I am the current senior project manager for the citizen science group, Harbor SEALs, for environmental monitoring of the Hudson River estuary. I have developed communication skills with lots of practice in public speaking and child care. I am passionate about the environment and teaching others.

More About Me

Originally from Rochester, New York, I was born February 14th, 2001 into the Betts-Salitan family, to my mother, Valerie, and father, Stephen (Steve), with two older siblings, Sara and Erik. In 2004, my parents, sister, and I moved to New York City. We have been living in Battery Park City ever since.

I am an ENTJ according to Meyers-Briggs personality coding, although i would consider myself more of ambiverted, than extroverted. Rather than being a visual or auditory learner, I grow best through conversation.