What is the

Calming Room?

Created By: Ms. T. Hinton

What is the calming room?

The virtual calming room is a place where you can find relaxing activities and additional resources if needed. Although changes are understanding it happens in everyone's life from one day to the next. Sometimes we can experience emotions that can range from fear, confusion, loneliness, sadness, anger, gratitude, and even calm for many different reasons. No matter how you feel, your emotions are real, and sometimes we all need a little extra help learning to control them. As your school counselor, I want to try and help you get through those changing times because you are very important to me and you really do matter. I commend those who seek help in finding ways to take care of their mind. Remember, there is only one you.

Your mental health is as important as your physical health

Hafen's Virtual Calming Room was created for you as a place to explore, enjoy and learn new and different ways of managing your emotions. It's just one of the many ways I'm here to support you. This is not intended to replace any professional help. If you are experiencing a crisis, such as a medical or mental health emergency, check our hotlines or call 911 for help.

Disclaimer: The following links are purely for educational purposes and are not intended as psychological interventions or as a substitute for psychological treatment. If you need psychological help, you should seek the consultation of a licensed mental health professional.

Self- love means taking care of myself because I'm Enough!!

Special Shout Out!

I could not have done this Hafen Virtual Calming Room without the help of our District IT Team (Rob Guru) and School Counselor, Jeff Corbett. Thank you for your skills, patience, and dedication in helping me develop this website.

I will add or delete items on the website bi-monthly in order to bring you the most updated information.