The Curriculum


Juniors learn differently from adults.....

In addition to the right equipment, juniors need a balanced program that keeps them excited and challenged by the game. Too much instruction can be off putting, too little and they become bored, develop poor habits and lose interest in the game.

The NX Golf Program has a 5 level learning program, numbered 1-5 and colour coded to represent the different tees of a golf course.

Within each of the 5 levels, juniors will cover all aspects of the game. This holistic approach ensures each junior develops both as a golfer and as a person, bringing success both on and off the course. The 5 areas they cover are:

  • Technical
  • Physical
  • Knowledge (Rules, Etiquette, Equipment and Sportsmanship)
  • Character
  • Performance

As juniors complete the necessary physical or written elements of each section, they will record their progress on there Level Bag Tag. This provides clarity and motivation as to the areas in which they are excelling and the be awarded their Level Certification. Once they have completed all 5 areas they can move to the next level.


The technical section covers the fundamental technical positioning and body motions requires for individual components of the long game, short game, putting and specialist shots. Technical components will be taught based on motion based principles which allow for correct development and flexibility for individual flair based on the uniqueness of each junior.


Physical fitness, combined with diet and nutrition are essential for health and optimal performance. We have a structured physical fitness program designed by Sports Science Specialists and focusing on developing Fundamental Movement Skills Juniors will be benchmarked on core physical necessities to ensure physical progression in addition to technical ones.


Juniors will develop knowledge of the rules, etiquette, history and traditions of the game. In addition they will gain knowledge of the game and technicalities like understanding ball flights etc to further enhance their development.


Central to the program is using the learning of golf as platform to develop as people. Cultivating values such as honesty, integrity, growth mindset, work ethic etc are paramount.

The mental game is also integrated within the character section which helps form a holisitc approach to golf development.

The technical skills are like the hardware of a computer and the mental game or brain is like the operating system. By helping juniors incorporate crucial mental concepts we ensure accelerated development rates.


Each level provides participants with challenge points or benchmarks. These attainable mini goals provides juniors with direction and focus to help drive their improvement and golf games to the highest levels.