Performance & Mindset



A key component to improvement is to have regular skills testing and on course play. This provides not only a test of current ability but provides a great platform for goal setting for motivation and directed performance related practice.

The NX JDP will be provided with a comprehensive set of 15 skills tests which provided testing in all areas of the game, including on course play. As juniors progress through the levels of the program they will be required to complete more and more of the tests to become a more complete player.

In addition to completing the tests, juniors will have scoring that reflects their current handicap level in that individual skill. An overview, will then quickly identify their strong and weak areas. Juniors, parents and coaches can then most effectively direct the available practice time to those areas to help accelerate development.

Junior Matches and Growth Mindset

Central to the NX JDP Program will be the introduction of weekly junior golf matches that will be structured around 6 divisions. Nobody likes to score 10’s and 12’s on golf holes, juniors are no different. We want to develop a growth mindset that revolves around the idea that shooting 36 or better for 9 holes is always the goal! This will instil players with a more effective growth mindset for performance for the start.

To facilitate that progress, juniors will play in 6 divisions. When that junior player can score 36 or better from Division 1 tees they will progress to Division 2 tees which then start further from the hole then so on and so forth.

This also ensures that critical scoring skills on and around the green are developed from an early age.