Online Platform

Edufii online connected coaching platform

Unique to Junior Golf Programs in Malaysia, NX Junior Golf Program will be the first junior program to go digital and provide an online portal to track all things NX Junior Golf!

Utilizing the industry leading Edufii Learning Platform; juniors, parents and coaches will stay connected 24/7 with all learning materials, skills challenges, video lesson recaps, updates etc available digitally on smartphones, tablets and computers to allow us to grow the team and accelerate the juniors development.

Connected Coaching

Edufii provides juniors, parents and coaches with Training Spaces which provide real time, up to the minute information on all things related to the NX JDP. Individual spaces will hold all the relative information for each of the core 6 elements of the NX JDP Program.

In addition there will be a Community Platform where all juniors, coaches, parents and NX personnel will interact, allowing videos, notes, summaries, notifications etc from current sessions to be uploaded keeping everyone up to date and connected. Similarly, juniors will be encourage to post up information of their practice sessions away from lessons to allow coaches and NX personnel see which juniors are applying themselves the most and also if they are applying the lessons learned during sessions.

Online Journal

As juniors become more committed they will be issued their own personal training space which will become an online journal of their golfing progress and can be used in College or University applications in the future.