NX Junior Boost

Group Sessions

Designed to be the ideal follow up to NX Launch, NX Boost provides with the an engaging group environment on course and off to journey towards golf club membership and competitive golf.

Games Based Pathway

All experts that in order to develop, engage and accelerate the learning process then games play a pivotal role. Game based learning is at the forefront of the NX Boost curriculum, making sure that juniors have fun, stay engaged and stay motivated to be the best junior and golfer they can be.

Challenge Points......Goal Setting for kids!

Having relevant and attainable goals are key for juniors to stay motivated and moving forward. Each level has attainable challenge points in Technical, Physical, Character, Knowledge and Performance to help keep both juniors and parents alike focused on what and how to practice to achieve their goals.

Video analysis and online platforms

NX Boost with utilize online platforms such as CoachNow to help keep juniors, parents and coaches connected with the real time video analysis, curriculum information, relevant information and goals for increased enjoyment and progress.