NX Golf

junior program


Founded by Class AA British PGA Professional, Andrew Myles; the NX Junior Golf Program takes a unique and holistic approach to junior golf instruction and and will integrate online platforms to create a community that connects coaches, juniors and parents to ensure that juniors reach their full potential.

This 5 level program is designed for juniors between 6-17 years old and encourages on course play, with juniors striving to shoot lower scores on course to move through the program.

The basics

The NX Junior Golf Program consists of 5 areas that all work together to provide the best possible learing environment for juniors to excel and progress towards scoring par or better for 9 holes.

5 key components make up the the core of the program framework:

  1. Creating a solid foundation
  2. Learn, Practice, Play!
  3. Learning Environments
  4. NX Junior Golf Learning System
  5. Online Resource and Community Centre

1. Creating a solid foundation

Parents, Coaches, Juniors and Golf Facilities must all be informed and educated on the long term development plan. All areas of the team are key so clarity and consistency in a well organised long term plan development plan is key to achieving maximum results.

2. Learn, Practice, Play!

Attending one off Junior Golf Camps or weekly golf lessons on the range only will not achieve the utlimate goal of creating junior golfers with a genuine passion for the game. In order to achieve that goal juniors we must have a long term golf development program that actively engages in the 3 main areas of coaching (learn), practice and on course play to help accelerate their development rate, improve the ability and increase their enjoyment of the game.

3. Learning Environments

A safe, suitable, fun and engaging learning environment is crucial to the development of junior golfers. Juniors grouped in similar ages allow the social interaction that provides the stimulation for a competitive environment. The NX JDP Program would feature the 4 key NX Junior Golf programs to help provide that:

5-6 years - NX Launch

7-9 years - NX Boost

10-12 years - NX Soar

13-16 years - NX Competitive

4. NX Junior Golf Learning System

NX Golf Junior Golf Learning System is a 5 level development program designed for juniors 6-17 years old. Juniors will progress from complete beginner to a competitive course player with a minimum handicap 5 or less. Based on long term athlete development principles, juniors will develop in an age appropriate environment that is safe, fun, engaging and challenging.

5. Online Resource and Community Platform

Utilizing the industry leading CoachNow online training platform, the NX JDP program will provide all learning material, class notes, class videos and parent, student & coach interaction online and will be available to the NX JDP team 24/7.