Mission & Values


The Mission of NX Junior Golf Program is to positively impact the lives of young people through the game of golf, using its values and principles to make them better golfers and people.

Through customised equipment, instruction and competition in a safe, fun and engaging environment, we will encourage each junior to become a skilled golfer and achieve their maximum golfing potential.


The common factor in all great champions is……Character. The development of each junior’s character will be our measure for success.

This, above all else matters most…..with dedicated, honest, enthusiastic, patient and determined coaching we will help our juniors achieve their best, both on and off the golf course.

  • Act with honesty and integrity always
  • Teach our juniors respect for themselves, for others and their surroundings
  • Treat our juniors in a the way in which we wish to be treated ourselves
  • Provide positive role models to our juniors through our attitudes and actions
  • Listen, understand and respond.
  • Remember that Golf as a game is more than just swinging a club
  • Encourage juniors to take responsibility for their own decisions and actions
  • Follow the Code of Practice for PGA Coaches