Long term junior golf development program

Group Classes

These weekly classes are the foundation on which the program is built and introduce, nurture and develop skills in all areas of the game with the goal of preparing juniors for the NX Junior Golf Weekly Matches that allow them to develop passion and skill for the game of golf.

Each class is 90 minutes in duration, with a student: instructor ratio of 6:1. Classes run for the entire duration of the golf season (32 weeks per year) are these classes form the foundations for the other elements of the NX Junior Golf Program.

Private Individual Instruction

These are additional one hour sessions (at an extra charge) that provide juniors with the opportunity to work one on one with the NX Junior Golf Professional to further develop and enhance specific areas of their games.

Weekly Supervised Practice

Sessions with NX Junior Golf Professionals allow juniors to learn how to practice in an effective and efficient manner to gain maximum improvement. In order for juniors to fully reach their potential, lessons are not enough and juniors must practice their new skills.

NX Junior Golf Programs help guide juniors with optimum training environment that allow them to practice with a purpose!

Weekly On Course Competitive Play

At NX Junior Golf we firmly believe that to develop better and more passionate junior golfers then they need to have regular play on course.

With this in mind, our junior program provides weekly NX Junior Matches during each 16 week semester to provide juniors with the opportunity to develop in the real environment. With 6 Divisions, juniors will build up their scoring skills by striving for par or better in every division.

In addition to a competitive environment, it also provides parents with an opportunity to be an integral part of their child's development and progress.