Long term junior/family golf development program

NX Launch Program

The NX Launch Program is designed to be the ideal “first touch” program for juniors between the ages of 6-11 years old and their parents/extended family members. Utilizing the unique SNAG Equipment, juniors and families can learn golf in non traditional venues such as a school gym/hall or playground and will develop a passion for the game of golf that will last a lifetime.

Each semester consists or 12 x 1 hour sessions combining both Golf and Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) to prepare themselves for both golf and life.

NX Boost Program

Building of the Foundation of the NX Launch Program this 3 level program is aimed at juniors/new golfers who are ready to discover more about the game of golf and achieve full Golf Club Membership.

Sessions will be conducted at Golf Clubs in 10 Hour blocks to further enhance and develop all areas of the game using standard, fitted golf equipment.

Areas such as Technical, Physical, Mental, Knowledge, Performance and Character will be covered, tracked and goal set to provide an exciting pathway to success.

NX Soar Program

Competitive Golf is for some and not all....but for those who wish to compete this add on program consists of 3 further levels and will aim to provide juniors with the tools necessary to compete at the highest level.

Relevant individual challenge points and learning environments will be created to accelerate their development in the game and progress in a holistic manner.

Understanding that many things make a champion in both life and golf will help juniors achieve success both on and off the course.