Custom Fitted Junior Equipment

Getting a head start with the right fit...

When junior golfers new to the game learn with clubs that fit, they quickly develop golf swings that will provide accelerated development. The proper club length and weight are keys to solid fundamentals, and that's why NX Junior Golf build junior clubs based on height & weight and not age.

We use industry leading golf club components from Tom Wishon Golf Technology to build and develop clubs and sets for individual juniors needs.

Clubs that grow with you....cost effective too!

To ensure longevity, NX Junior Golf will build clubs with juniors growth in mind and when the time comes to change, the same junior heads can be used with only the shafts being changed and loft and lies being checked and altered. This is only possible due to the high quality Stainless Steel heads being used in the Tom Wishon Future Pro range.

Fits your budget and your needs...

Tom Wishon Future Pro products can be purchased individually or as a set, allowing you purchase according to your budget without the constraints of having to buy a complete set.

How to get started with your Junior Custom Fitting:

Step 1:

Measure the height and weight of your child and then fill in your the rest of their personal and golfing profile, including current golf equipment.

Step 2:

NX Junior Golf will email you suggested size and set make up (minus the the golf bag) and the expected growth potential of the suggested set make up and pricing.

Step 3:

Confirm your preferred set make up and make payment online, including shipping costs

Step 4:

Your Tom Wishon Future Pro Custom Fitted Junior Clubs will be built and shipped to you anywhere in Malaysia or Singapore within 1 week.

Follow Up:

NX Junior Golf will provide follow up services for all customers with regular check ups and suggested changes if necessary. All loft and lie changes will be provided FOC (excluding any shipping costs)