Writing Our Future: American Creed invites you and your students to add your stories to the conversation sparked by American Creed.

Bring the film to your classroom or learning center and expand the conversation by engaging youth as writers and responders. Here are some resources we collected to support you:

  • Explore the film: You can watch the film full-length or use segments of it in your classroom.
  • Writing Prompts & Models: There are five invitations to write and publish at the youth publishing site. Here are some model texts related to each one.
  • Visit Our Classrooms: Over the past few months, Writing Project teachers from across the country have been using early versions of the film in their classrooms and developing resources to share out of this work. Meet the teachers and visit the work from our classrooms.
  • Youth Publishing Site: Register and post. Be inspired by youth responses and review guidelines.
  • Related Resources: Partners have gathered additional resources to support classroom and community conversations inspired by American Creed.

Visit Writing Our Future: American Creed to register and post.

American Creed is a PBS documentary launching February 27, 2018 along with a a robust public engagement campaign including community conversations, classroom activities, an essay contest, and a suite of digital shorts—all designed to foster reflection and dialogue about freedom, fairness, opportunity, and the meaning of citizenship.

Learn more about the documentary, related campaign events and partner resources.