Northwest Ohio STEAM Lab

Why the STEAM Lab?

  • Bring STEAM to your classes with our unique team-teaching.

  • Evaluate STEAM tools hands-on before you buy.

  • Great supplemental activities for elementary and middle schoolers

  • Engaging activities that excite and motivate students.

What tools are available?

  • 12 LEGO WeDo 2.0

  • 12 LEGO Mindstorms EV3

  • 12 Sphero BOLT

  • 8 Sphero INDI

  • 12 Makey Makey

  • 12 iPads

  • 2 Breakout EDU Sets

How does it work?

  • Available for use by NWOESC / NBEC schools at no cost.

  • Comes with a tech coach to team teach in your classroom.

  • Can be checked out in 2 week blocks.

Contact Us to arrange to check out the STEAM Lab at your school.'

Steam Resources - For use with the STEAM Lab.

Other Resources for STEAM Programming in your Classroom

Digital Breakouts

A digital breakout is a google site which has clues that let students solve problems that open a digital lock (validated Google Forms Field). Open all the locks and you breakout!

Want to try doing an escape room style exercise in your classroom. Here are some digital escape rooms that you can share with your students.

Tom's Digital Breakout Collection

Shellye Wardensky's Collection