Webinar Archive

Here's an archive of all our webinars. Check on the Webinars page for info on upcoming webinars.

Google Classroom is Getting Even Better! (8-16-18)

Using Chrome Extensions and Add-ons with Slides (5-3-18)

Getting Started with Hyperdocs (4-12-18)

Google Lit Trips & Tour Builder (3-26-18)

Explore Google Earth and Maps (2-20-18)

Getting Organized with Google Tools (1-9-18)

Did You Know Google Could Do That? (11-16-17)

STEAM and Makerspaces (10-25-17)

Google Chrome (5-24-17)

Forget the Paper... Let Google Drawings Take Over (5-11-17)

ADMIN: Filtering YouTube (5-11-17)

Getting Started with Google Sheets (4-26-17)

The New Google Sites (4-13-17)

Google Forms Part II (3-28-17)

Google Slides Part I (3-21-17)

Google Forms Part I (3-14-17)

ADMIN: Chromebook Overview (3-9-17)

Google Classroom (3-8-17)

Add-Ons for Google Docs and Google Forms (2-18-17)

Google Docs (2-23-17)

Edulastic Overview (2-21-17)

EdTech Toolbox (2-15-17)

ADMIN: Google Vault (2-9-17)

Manage Your Gmail (2-7-17)

Edcite Overview (2-2-17)

Intro to Google Drive and Docs (1-31-17)

Google Classroom Part II (1-25-17)

Google Drive (1-17-17)

ADMIN: Google Admin Panel (1-12-17)

Google Classroom Part I (1-10-17)

Google Overview (1-5-17)