Tiger Invitational

C Division Competition

The 11th Annual Tiger Invitational will be:

Saturday, February 9th, 2019

Registration is open!



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Please note:

Every team must provide an event supervisor.

Invitationals are only possible by your volunteer's hard work!

We will follow the PA State Competition Schedule

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Please follow this link to sign up for self schedule events.

Sign Ups will be open after January 25th

Registration Policies

- Teams may be composed of up to 15 competing members and four (4) alternates for trial events.

- In the interest of having as many different schools attend for diversity sake, up to the first nine (9) schools that register two (2) teams may bring two (2) teams, provided we have not reached a full 32 team competition list. We will be using the time stamp on the registration form to help us with this decision process. Once we have reached nine (9) schools with two (2) teams, the remaining schools will be allowed to bring one (1) team each. At the discretion of the NWLHS Science Team Advisors, if we have not filled the competition with 32 teams, and more than nine (9) schools wish to bring two (2) teams, we may then allow additional schools to bring two (2) teams.

- NWLHS Science Team will send out confirmation emails to each registered team to confirm each teams registration status. Additional teams past the 32 team limit will be placed on a waiting list based on the registration form timestamp and will be sent notification if another team or teams should drop their registration.

- Payment of registration fees must be received within 2 weeks of online registration form completion to complete each teams registration process.