Atomic Wallet - Buy, Stake and Exchange in One Crypto Wallet

What is Atomic Wallet?

Atomic Wallet is a safe cryptocurrency purse that allows you to save digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and also over 500 various other symbols. Released in 2017, this Wallet additionally incorporates third-party solutions as well as functions. These enable you to get, market, and risk your coins directly through the application, giving you the opportunity to make incentives in return.

Atomic is offered as a desktop computer program or mobile app and also is compatible with a number of operating systems. And also crucially, you can download it totally free of cost. This non-custodial, wallet keeps your passwords stored on your gadget, and also out its server. Definition, there is very little chance of losing your possessions via this solution.

Being a decentralized application, Atomic allows you to store, deal cryptocurrencies via its purse anonymously. To put it simply, there is no demand for you to share any type of personal details or validate your identification to begin. These advantages aside, an essential variable to keep in mind is that its software-- or the associated exchanges, are not managed whatsoever

Atomic Wallet Pros and Cons

For those who do not have sufficient time to go through our entire Atomic wallet review, we have prepared an overview of our research below.


  • Decentralized wallet

  • Integrated exchange and staking

  • Supports over 500 digital tokens

  • Free to download


  • Password stored on your device

  • No regulatory protection

How Does Atomic Wallet Work?

Atomic Wallet is a decentralized, non-custodial, freezer alternative for your cryptocurrencies. This suggests that all passwords or data are not reduced any web server, yet on your gadget. To get going, you can download the program from the official website-- it is currently compatible with Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora running systems. Plus, you can additionally sync it with an app for your mobile phone.

The procedure of establishing your Atomic Wallet is as complies with:

  • You begin by downloading and install the software application as well as installing it on your device.

  • Once the software is ready to run, you will exist with a 12-word backup expression which you need to take down for safekeeping.

  • Alongside, you set a password that you will use to access the wallet.

  • It is paramount that you maintain these passwords someplace secure offline. If any individual gets hold of this, they can restore your Wallet and acquire access to your funds.

  • You will after that be guided to your Control panel, where you can see an overview of your possessions, and access the different functions of the purse.

To summarize, opening your Atomic Wallet is quite straight forward, and also you can begin by entering your password. If you lose this, you can bring back utilizing your back-up expression. Nevertheless, if you are incapable to make use of both these options, after that it is essentially impossible for you to gain access to your digital assets.

Why do people use the Atomic Wallet?

Considering that its launch, Atomic Wallet has actually seen a rise sought after throughout the world as even more people seek alternatives to traditional approaches of acquiring, keeping, as well as receiving cryptocurrency that does not consist of the problems that might emerge when using a centralized exchange (CEX) or budget.

Atomic Wallet is a non-custodial decentralized budget; therefore, it implies that the customer has complete control over their back-up expression and also personal keys, and also therefore over their own funds.

Here're a few of one of the most crucial reasons individuals make use of the wallet:

  • Atomic Wallet does not have accessibility to your purse or any of your personal info;

  • Your 12-word back-up phrase as well as your exclusive secrets are saved locally on your tool and also are greatly encrypted;

  • Customer funds are not kept in the budget itself, but rather on the blockchain, where they are maintained secure;

  • Atomic Wallet develops a straight connection with the blockchain nodes and also display screens info concerning your equilibriums, transaction background, and also whatever else you see when using the pocketbook;

  • The Wallet also enables you to conduct purchases on the blockchain and also uses cryptocurrency exchange and acquiring services.

  • On top of providing a simple configuration for all customers, the wallet allows you to switch practically any coin or token, established through the budget's integration of the Atomic Swap exchange.

Is Atomic Wallet Safe?

One of the most vital concern to ask when buying cryptocurrencies as well as maintaining them in a Wallet is, of course, whether or not the wallet is actually protected.

The Atomic Wallet makes use of an one-of-a-kind mnemonic seed to produce private secrets, which are then stored on your tool to make sure that just you have accessibility to them. These private keys offer you access to your funds. Essentially the easy to use interface permits you to access your funds kept on the blockchain.

The wallet consists of some vital security features such as:

  • All of your sensitive information, including your personal keys and back-up phrase, is conserved in your area on your tool as well as secured with durable security;

  • A password is needed to access the purse and all of the functions included inside it;

  • No personal details about you is stored by Atomic Wallet. This means that you alone have access to your personal keys and also funds.

How to download and set up Atomic Wallet (step-by-step)

Step 1: Download Atomic Wallet Sign In by going on to and also clicking [Download and install] in the top right-hand edge.

Step 2: Next, you will certainly be given a screen to select where you wish to download and install the wallet. For the sake of this review, we have actually made use of MacOS; however, the setup time is similar regardless of which step you select.

Step 3: Click [Allow] to begin downloading Atomic Wallet.

Step 4: Set a password for your Wallet; remember this is different from your 12-word expression, which will show up on the next screen.

Step 5: Write down your 12-word backup expression, as well as store it somewhere risk-free. This means even if you lose your device, you can still access your account. You can also duplicate the password to the clipboard as soon as you have taken down your 12-word backup click [Open Wallet]

Step 6: Currently, you will certainly be given the Wallet residence display, where you will have all of the features such as exchange, get crypto, staking, as well as background all at your fingertips. The whole process takes no more than a minute to establish; you will just require to be prepared to list your 12-word backup expression.

Final thoughts

In our view, the pocketbook's user-friendly format and general simpleness supply users that are inexperienced with cryptocurrency the means to start trading almost quickly after installing the application, owing to the truth that any person might purchase cryptocurrencies straight in the pocketbook using a charge card.

The wallet is complimentary to use, with the exception of network deal fees. Despite the fact that it supplies assistance for more than 500 coins and also tokens, it likewise supplies alternate exchanges in addition to Atomic Swap in an effort to cover the broadest feasible selection of cryptocurrency assets.

In summary of its protection, users of the decentralized Atomic Pocketbook have all of their possessions stored on the blockchain. At the same time, every one of your exclusive keys are encrypted and also continued your tool with a 12-word healing phrase as a backup on the occasion that your gadget is lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised, making certain that your funds are safe and that just you, the owner, has power over them.