Inclement Weather

We will visit your pet, wain or shine unless otherwise instructed. We always wipe all muddy paw. We do ask that you make arrangements with a neighbor to have a key in the rare chance we have a freak snowstorm or an earthquake and we are unable to get to your home. Even though it is highly unlikely that this would occur, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Key Policy

We will keep your key in a seecure locked box in our office until it is needed for pet care services. We code the keys with an identifying number only. with keys kep on file, future pet sits are only a phone call away. If you prefer that we not keep your key on file, we will gradly return the key when you return home. However, there will be a $15 pick-up fee if we have to make a trip to pick up the key before the next date of service.

Keys will ONLY be returned to you or your representative in person. We will not leave keys behind on the last day of service nor will we mail your key back to you. This is necessary to safeguard the security of your property and the safety of your pet should an emergency arise and your return is delayed.

Dangerous/Aggressive Animals

Some dogs are very territorial and aren't suitable candidates for in-home care. This creates a hazard for us.

If your dog has a history of biting or being aggressive, kenneling may be a safer, more appropriate choice for you.

Should we arrive at your home and are met with an extremely aggressive animal we will contact you if at all possible and discuss having the animal taken to a kennel. If we can't reach you then we will take whatever means is necessary to keep ourselves and the pet safe.


We know life can sometimes throw us a curve ball. If you cancel 5 days or more prior to your visits you won't owe anything. If you've pre-paid you will have a credit for that amount on your account. Less than 24 hrs prior to any service or holiday: 100% pay is charged for all services scheduled. 24-48 hours prior to any service and/or holiday: 50% payment is chaged for services scheduled. 48-96 hrs prior to any service and/or holiday: 25% payment is charged for all services scheduled.

If you have paid in advance the payment minus any cancellation charges will be kept on your account as a credit. Credit must be used within 12 months of payment.

Life does happen so please discuss this with me. We're flexible about our cancellation policy and if you have an emergency (death in the family, hospitalization, several weather cancelling flights or closing roads, etc) please talk to me.

Anyone with a history of cancelling visits will be expected to pay for the visits missed.