All workshops are on Saturday the 16th of September

Attorney Panel Discussion

Room 407 at 9:40 AM - Featuring James Hushagen

Back by overwhelming popular demand, this is a free flowing discussion with attorneys involved in manufactured housing and real estate law. This session cannot be used in place of formal legal advice but is a great time to ask general questions about how communities can approach all kinds of legal questions ranging from changing rules and by-laws to handling liens and evictions.

Fact Finding and Defusing Drama

Room 406 at 10:45 AM - Facilitated by Matt Fast

Getting bogged down in petty arguments is the worst. Nobody likes it, but we all find ourselves dealing with situations like this from time to time. Find out how to pull the group back on task, while still providing individual members with the ability to feel and be heard.

How to Lead and Communicate for Results

Room 407 at 10:45 AM - Facilitated by Crystal Weston

Ask your community (or anyone!) for something in a way that GETS RESULTS. Boards constantly ask residents to clean up after pets, conserve water, volunteer, and vote. These proven strategies will help your community reach its goals and keep improving. Group discussions will let you creatively apply your new strategies to common problems.

Safe Drinking Water Act: Overview and Purpose

Room 406 at 1:15 PM - Facilitated by Crystal Weston

Why do we have all of these regulations around our water systems? What purpose do these requirements have? How does America’s water system measure up? What can go wrong? How can we keep our communities safe? After the presentation we will think about how water might be contaminated in different situations to showcase your learning.

Google for ROCs

Room 407 at 1:15 PM - Facilitated by Daniel Arranaga

In this session, we will discuss ways in which to improve communication and be able to have access to all of your documents at the tip of your fingers. We will also discuss new tools to help with document creation so that you can have help from more than one person on a single document. If you are interested in how to use technology to better improve ROC operations this is for you no matter if you are new to technology or well versed!

New Member Screening and Fair Housing Law

Room 406 at 2:05 PM - Facilitated by Julie Massa

Ever wondered why screening new members has so many steps? Join Julie for an in-depth look at how Fair Housing laws work, how they protect the community, and how ROCs can ensure they are screening new members fairly and effectively. Co-ops are rely on active and involved members, learn how to screen for success!

Park Improvements: Show Me the Money

Room 407 at 2:05 PM - Facilitated by Matt Fast

"Why don't we have a bulletin board?"

"When's the new sign going in?"

"Can we get a community garden?"

You've heard the same requests dozens of times. Yet there never seems to be enough money to pay for the little things that can make life so much better and more beautiful. This will be a collaborative group activity to explore ways communities can find the dough to make a little bread.

CROCC Pot and Awards

Old Spaghetti Factory at 5:00 PM - Facilitated by Gary Faucher

Throughout the conference, we will be collecting YOUR questions for a completely customized final session that will address specific questions. Get those questions that just aren’t covered by the workshops answered in this concluding session. We’ll wrap up with our won CROCC awards ceremony!