Cascade ROC Conference

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Join Us and other ROC residents in Tacoma, Washington for the 2017 Cascade ROC Conference. Formerly known as ROC-A-PALOOZA, the event is an educational and networking conference of residents and community leaders from Resident Owned Communities across the Pacific Northwest. Everyone is encouraged to register as soon as possible so we can prepare enough food, room, and programming for everyone!

CROCC Workshops

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Nearly doubling the program from previous years, CROCC 2017 will feature 8 workshops from professionals and TA providers from Oregon and Washington. Workshops will run in two different rooms so bring a friend if your community wants to catch them all.

See the complete list of available workshops Here

All workshops will be hosted in rooms 406 and 407 of the Greater Tacoma Convention Center in Downtown Tacoma.

Attendees spending Friday and/or Saturday nights will be just down the road at the Tacoma Mall Clarion Hotel.

Two passenger vans will take attendees directly from the Hotel to the Conference Center.