The World Atlas Project

Driving Question: How can we better know the world we live in today?

Project Briefcase:

Curated list of videos (Choose your 3 from here).

Look at the sample Atlas website here. Use this to copy and paste some of the required elements into your atlas.

See "The Countries of the World" database here.

See the project checklist and Mr. D's grading sheet in Google Classroom.

Use Google Classroom to turn in the link to your completed atlas published website.

Photopea (the online photo editing tool we use to make the maps).

Color Picker Tool (for finding the right shades of colors to use, lighter is better).

Conversion Tool (convert your pdf map into a jpeg for your atlas).

On-line version of the student atlas that we use as a reference. (username and pw on the sticker on the inside cover of your binder reminder).

Google Images for finding images for each region. (Be sure to use images that you have permission to use. Usage Rights under the tools menu in google search.)

This project will be completed over the course of the 7th grade year in Social Studies classes. Some of the maps will be graded as individual assignments and others will be graded as a part of the completed project. At the conclusion of the project your atlas will have 8 completed maps with images and facts for each of them. See the checklist above for a more complete listing of requirements.