The Five Themes of Geography Project

Driving Question: How can we better understand our relationship to the world around us?

Students will learn about the 5 Themes from classroom discussion and and note-taking using the Cornell Notes format. The classroom slide presentation that the notes are taken from and blank Cornell note pages are available below.


Download and print out blank Cornell Note pages by clicking this link.

Project Directions:

  • Go to Google Classroom to find your slide presentation template.
  • Do the title slide last. (it will have pictures from the other 5 slides on it)
  • For each of the 5 Themes, find 3 pictures that demonstrate the theme. Collect these images in a folder on your drive (“Geography Images” inside “Social Studies”). Selected pictures must be photos of places, no drawings or graphics.
  • Replace (by cutting) the placeholder image on each slide with only one of the images you found for that theme. Do Not Drag and Drop!
        • The placeholder image appears here to the right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • Type in the key question for each theme.
  • Answer each question with complete sentences and good writing practices (don’t cut the questions).
  • Put a copy of each theme image on the title slide and arrange them in a way that you think looks good.
  • Add your name and period to the title slide.
  • Delete this statement from the bottom of each slide: Replace this image with the one you found for this theme.
  • When you have completed your presentation and gone over the checklist at the end, you are finished. You will be giving this presentation to at least two other students in your class.


  • Read and follow all directions carefully.
  • Be sure you create a Geography Images folder on your drive for collecting your images. You will need to have at least 15 images in it, 3 for each theme.
  • Do not use "The five themes of Geography" or any of the specific theme names (i.e. Location, Place,etc.) as your search words when looking for your images.
  • When adding images to your slides be sure to cut the placeholder image first and then insert your image second.

Image Search

When searching for images:

  • Review your notes for the theme.
  • Think of something that would be a good example of that theme.
  • Use that example as your search criteria.

Other links:

If you need to get a fresh copy of one of the slides from your presentation you can copy and paste it from this template:

Five Themes Student Presentation Template

View the Student Peer Review sheet here.

Grading Rubric for the project.