180 Days: Life of a Napa High Grizzly

Day 13

The Napa High School Administrative Team visited every English class on Thursday and Friday. The purpose of the presentations is to communicate our values of strong connections and deep learning. All students received the same message about new, revised and continuing school policies: cell phone, tardies, off grounds, dress code, and parking.

Day 12

Twice a week in AVID participate in tutorials. Tutorials allow students to solve problems together through an inquiry process. Students present their point of confusion and work together using three column notes, inquiry, resources, and support from a tutor to learn. These 9th grade AVID students were running a high level tutorial!

Day 11

Physics students are using battery operated cars to generate data for Graphing Speed Lab.

Day 10

Photo 1 students selected an important photo to share with their class. They are making connections to self and learning the various aspects of photo critique.

Day 9

Students are focused on building with clay. They are learning how to use the pinch method to make clay pots of various sizes.

Day 8

New to Napa High this year is Psychology. Students in psychology on Friday were learning about team work and the research process. They had to stay outside of the circle and use masking tape and a pen to draw a smiley face. All students had to play a role in the process. The debried focused on researching and the psychology behind the the process.

Day 7

Students in Mr. Solomon's class are addressing the scope, cost, and timing to build Mr. Chatham a new podium. These students have to define the project, identify the cost and address the schedule, timing, process and roles.

Day 6

Our cross country runners are feeling confident and ready to run at practice today. The team this year is full with 50 or more runners and they are enjoying the start to the season. Heat doesn't stop them from long runs. We look forward to their first meet. #wearenapa

Day 5

9th grade students in English are starting a unit focused on theme. They are learning that this term means a lesson the author wants you to learn through the story. Students are putting themselves in the shoes of an author and thinking of those important life lessons they would want to teach others about. The students picked the four most important lessons they have learned in their life so far and are explaining to their audience how they learned it and why this is an important lesson to learn.

Day 4

Seniors in World Literature are following the Hawaiian tradition of building a beloved community. Students told their groups three stories: the story of all their names, the story of their community, and the story of their gifts.

Day 3

AVID 11 students have one goal, COLLEGE, and they will get there together, which takes commitment to each member of the AVID family. On Day 3, the AVID students were in partners building strong connections and skills that will allow for deep learning. One partner described a picture while the other partner drew it without seeing it. The skill of communication is incredibly important to a successful AVID Tutorial and Collaborative Study Group.

Day 2

Biology students are learning how to graph by learning about each other. Students asked a question and surveyed other students. They are now gathering the data, graphing and sharing out their learning.

Day 1

The first day of school was full of students connecting after a long summer away. In World Language, students selected motivational quotes and translated them into Spanish. They then filled our campus with positive message to kick off the year. The story of Napa High is starting off positive with our students voices every where we look on the quad.