Thank you so much for your support and involvement in this program. Each year, we set lofty goals for our students and it becomes my job to provide them with the best possible opportunities to fulfill those goals. I can’t do it alone!

Throughout the year, there will be numerous occasions that will require some assistance from parents. If you are willing and able to help, please let me know by filling out the form below. I am always so appreciative of parent assistance, and such involvement can only enhance the educational experience of the students. This year, in addition to our usual needs, we are searching for a few of you who are willing to step into a leading role with our boosters. Annette Sejat and Grace Kneeshaw have been serving as the President and Treasurer of our Boosters for many years and they will be turning their attention to their college-bound kids after this year! That being said, if you would like to “shadow” their work this year and step into those positions in the future, you would be GREATLY loved and appreciated!

Nothing on this form commits you to certain events or jobs. It is simply a way for me to know who to contact when we are in need of some help! Thanks so much!

Jobs for Boosters Volunteers:

Measuring students for uniforms

Altering said uniforms (requires some skill!)

Fundraiser delivery organization (unloading/sorting)

Fundraiser sales at concerts

Stage setup for themed concerts (Coffee concert and Holiday Concert)

Choir Festival Chaperone (mid-February)

“Shadow” current leadership positions.

Anything you may need!

In addition to these jobs, we have Choir Boosters meetings where we plan, discuss, and make decisions about fundraisers, student opportunities, community involvement, and many other things! Your ideas and feedback are SO valuable to me and our Boosters leaders and we would love to see you at the following meetings:

ALL ON MONDAYS @ 6:00PM IN THE CHOIR ROOM: Sep 16, Oct 14, Dec 2, Feb 3, March 2, April 27.

Please Click the SIGNUPGENIUS link to select an event and time to volunteer! Thanks for your help!