Sibling Video.mp4

This video discusses tips to manage sibling rivalry.

Caught Being Good.docx

Sign for Jar

Example of Jar

Sibling Kindness JAR.pdf

Sibling Kindness Jar

Sibling Kindness STAR.pdf

Sibling Kindness Star

Keep Your Light On Video 4.mp4

This video discusses how we need to stay positive and strong during this difficult time.

Tips to Motivate Your Child.mp4

This video discusses tips on how to motivate your child during virtual learning.

Pep Talk Letter.pdf

Pep Talk Note

Self Talk Positive thoughts.docx

Self Talk Phrases

StickerCharts (dragged).pdf

Sticker Charts

Reward Coupons for Kids.docx

Reward Coupons

Tips to Make VL a Success.mp4

This video explains how to have a successful virtual learning experience with your children.

1) Make a daily schedule (example attached)

2) Provide an office space with all supplies needed

3) Limit screentime

4) Play outside everyday (if you can)

5) Interact with others safely (on Facetime, Zoom, etc...)

Coronavirus Talk and How to Handle Worries/Fears.mp4

This video explains how to talk to your children about the coronavirus and how to deal with their worries and fears.