Knightly Chronicles

Charles DeWolf Middle School 2023-2024

What Are Teacher Pet Peeves?

by Ella Mor and Katelyn Pulickal

A pet peeve is something that someone finds annoying or irritating. An example of a pet peeve is chewing with your mouth open or talking during a movie. Everyone has a pet peeve, especially teachers. We walked around the school and asked the teachers what their pet peeves were and here is what we found.

Mr. Johnson said that his pet peeve is when, “I’m saying instructions and after I finish explaining, then a kid comes up and asks what we are doing.”  Mr. Dohn said his pet peeve is when “People who don’t listen to instructions.” Mrs. Lauriello said her pet peeve is when, “a kid drops their pencil and doesn’t pick it, then goes to take a pencil from the back.” Mr. Ro said that his pet peeve is interrupting and not saying please and thank you.” Mrs. Melilo said her pet peeve is “Loud noises when it is supposed to be quiet.” Mr. Lauriello said his pet peeve was, “CHROMEBOOKS.” Mrs. Rodriguez said her pet peeve is, “Tapping on the desks and not writing your name on a paper.” Ms. Taty said her pet peeve is, “Being late.” Mrs. Perez said her pet peeve is “When you explain directions and a kid comes up after and asks, what are we supposed to do?”  Ms. Osbahr said her pet peeve is, “When kids sharpen their pencils when I am speaking.” Mrs. Fisher said her pet peeve is, “Kids not doing their homework.” Ms. Huster said her pet peeve is, “Being late or not checking Google Classroom.” Mrs. Cimorelli said her pet peeve is, “Kids secretly eating in class.”  Mrs. Park said, “It’s my pet peeve when students pretend that Harry Potter is not sigma in their lives.” Mrs. Henriquez said her pet peeve is, “When a student walks in and asks what we are doing for the day.”

From this we can learn what bothers our teachers and how we can improve in school. We can learn to be better students in schools and even be prepared for high school. 

Eagles Car Wash Fundraiser

by Jungwoo Seo

CDW will be holding the Eagles Car Wash Fundraiser on Saturday, May 18th from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. (Depending on the weather) The fundraiser will be located at the Trinity Reformed Church. (The corner of OT Road and Washington Ave.) NV Football Team players in grades 3rd through 8th can sign up for a slot/place to help wash cars. Please bring your own beach towels. Money that is raised from the Car Wash Fundraiser will help cover the cost of the new helmets for the Eagles Football team. It is $10 to get your car washed. For Football Team players who would like to volunteer, sign up using this link: NV Eagles: NV Eagles Football Car Wash.

The International Food Festival

by Elaine Lee

The international food festival is a gathering of the world's delicious foods and meals to one place, our school!! Every year, the PTO provides food and desserts in the Rossi Gym. The past countries that participated in the festival was:

 Armenia 🇦🇲, China 🇨🇳, Cuba 🇨🇺, Greece 🇬🇷, India 🇮🇳, Ireland 🇮🇪, Israel 🇮🇱, Italy 🇮🇹, Japan 🇯🇵, Korea 🇰🇷, Lithuania 🇱🇹, Montenegro 🇲🇪, Poland 🇵🇱, Spain 🇪🇸, Mexico 🇲🇽, and, Last but no least, the USA 🇺🇸. 

The PTO is happy to hear new ideas for new meals. Here are some ideas! 

Jamie: JAPAN!!!!!! 

Katie: GERMANY 🇩🇪

Ethan Ko: Afghanistan 🇦🇫

Jungwoo: Argentina 🇦🇷

Ella: Romania 🇷🇴

Katelyn: British 🇬🇧

Ariana: Italian 🇮🇹

There are more foods to explore and we need to dig into them!! But for now… let's just eat!

What Dog Breeds Are Best to Adopt?

by Ariana Rampersad

Dogs are so amazing, people do say they are a man's best friend. Sometimes just because dogs are cute doesn’t mean they are the best fit to adopt so it is good to research dog breeds. Caring for a dog teaches kids responsibility, compassion, and patience. One thing to keep in mind if you have younger children is that generally older dogs are more calm. Adopting is a great thing because not only are you getting a friend you are saving their life! Read more to find out what’s the best breed for you.

Factors to consider might be where you live, how much attention you can give, and how much money you have. Some dogs require more attention than others and you might have to wake up in the middle of the night to walk them. Other dogs like dalmatians grow very fast and might need new clothes and a different cage. Maybe your family is allergic to pet fur. You might want to find a hypoallergenic dog. Or maybe you want a quiet dog or a guard dog. It might also be good to manage your time by creating a schedule for walking, playing, feeding, and grooming.

            This list is according to

Airedale Terrier This is an all-around, all-star pup. This is a great dog because it is great with little children and other dogs. 

Bergamasco Sheepdog: It is very important to watch over this dog because it might get nippy but this dog is great with children. This breed is so good at gathering the children and making sure they are ready to go.

Kishu Ken:This pup shows so much love! The medium-size dog is easily taught and is open to strangers as well as patient with children.

Segugio Italiano: These dogs are from Italy and they absolutely adore children. They also will go a great length to protect them so make sure this dog is always on a lease cause they might get a little feisty around strangers.

Pumi: These are energetic and lively dogs however they will only grow to about 20-30 pounds. They are good with children, especially with the ones who play with them. They act like puppies.

These are the best dog breeds for first time pet owners from

Mixed Breed: These dogs are less prone to health issues rather than specific breeds. They also come in different shapes and sizes so they are easy to pick a dog based on your needs and wants. Most mixed breed dogs in the shelter are already house trained which makes them easier to take care of. You can find many mixed breeds at a local shelter.

Papillon: They are small and very well suitable for small houses or apartments. This breed is very friendly and outgoing making them great companions. Papillon’s are healthy, intelligent, and easy to train. Papillons do bark and they are high-energy animals so they need to get exercise. 

Yorkshire Terrier: These dogs are so cute! They are small dogs and live well in small homes or apartments.They are friendly and hypoallergenic! This little Terrier, beside their size is a great guard 

One thing that you should think about is if you want a friendly dog. Below is a list of 5 friendly dogs according to

Golden Retriever: Most people enjoy their friendliness, calm disposition, and beautiful faces. They are excellent companions and will always stay by your side.

Boston Terrier: These pups are polite and calm and are full of love. They are loving and very happy. 

Labrador Retriever: They are outstanding pets; loving and cheering friends and not to mention they are great service dogs. The dog needs exercise and loves to please their owners. 

Pug: If you treat them well Pugs will stay loyal to you forever and they show lots of love. They are so cute! 

Irish Setter: They have a fun and carefree personality and are very happy. The ability they have to get along with everybody is a great character trait they have. Remember they have a lot of energy!

Dogs are spectacular pets and they will love you back. I hope that this helped you in finding a great dog to adopt. You never know the strong bond you can share with your pet.

What's Your Typing Speed?

by Ethan Ko

As you may know, people out there type at different speeds. People also use a different amount of fingers and use different fingers. According to statistics, the average typing speed of a human is 40 WPM (Words Per Minute) and for people who have typing as a job like an IT admin or such is 60 WPM. This can be true for most people but there are people out there who can get from 5 to 400 WPM and even less or more. Usually, people aged 21 to 60 normally have a higher typing speed due to higher experience. Some people practice typing a lot to get a higher WPM. A lot of people do this to gain popularity on the internet for clout and money. Some people like to practice typing to flex on others. Some people prefer to write on paper but from what I have seen, most people like to type things on their computer. People like to do this due to the ease of typing. Some people out there in the world are more unlucky due to a disability like dyslexia or something else. Most people dislike their WPM even though they could be better than a lot of other people. Everyone has different typing speeds and I wanted to find out what some people’s WPM in my school was so I went around and asked people. These are the results.

Me/Ethan Ko - 152 WPM

Mr. Johnson - 141 WPM

Mr. Rosolanko - 114 WPM

Mrs. Melillo - 102 WPM

Mrs. Cimorelli - 100 WPM

Jungwoo Seo - 95 WPM

Mrs. Hellstern - 94 WPM

Liam Rampersad - 86 WPM

Mrs. Watters - 84 WPM

Mrs. Lauriello - 80 WPM

Jamie Kwon - 76 WPM

Gavin Clarke - 58 WPM

Katelyn Pulickal - 55 WPM

Elaine Lee - 52 WPM

Typing speeds are really important because you may or may not type in your everyday life. It is important to have high typing speeds so that you can work more efficiently. If you have a digital job, you may have to type a lot. Being able to type fast can help you do this job well and give you free time if you do it fast. It can also help with schoolwork and many other things. You can practice your typing skills at many different places and even learn different types of typing. You can use this site to find many different sites for different types of typing. Use this site to find typing sites. You can also use Monkey Type for a variety of typing tests.

Need a Hobby? We've Got You Covered!

by Elaine Lee and Lina Kim

When you have finished your homework, you have some time left and you are bored, what do you do? If you have nothing to do but you want to spend your spare time efficiently, We recommend a hobby.

Lina: I recommend painting, crochet, and baking. Because when you make your own work after you finish it, it makes me proud of myself.

Elaine: I recommend singing, dancing, writing, drawing. Because these help me relax.

Katie: I recommend you watch Netflix, or read. Because you can empty your mind and just rest.

Ariana: I recommend reading, watching TV, or going on your phone.

Katelyn: I recommend watching Modern Family on Netflix and relaxing. 

Ella: I really recommend going on Netflix and watching Young Sheldon. 

These hobbies recommendations will help you relax and make your days better. You can try something easy and try other hobbies to figure out what hobby is for you.  

NJSLA Is Here!

by Katie Jung

Everyone’s talking about the NJSLA that the students in our school will take in May, but what is it? Simply put, the NJSLA, or the New Jersey Student Learning Assessments, is state-wide testing. According to the Official Site of the State of New Jersey, this assessment is to “measure student proficiency with grade-level skills, knowledge, and concepts that are critical to college and career readiness.” There are many different subjects for the NJSLA tests, although some grades take more than others. This is a list of which subjects each grade takes:

5th grade → math, language arts, science

6th grade → math, language arts

7th grade → math, language arts

8th grade → math, language arts, science

Well then, how should you prepare for the NJSLA? Here are three tips:

1) Get a good night's sleep each night, and have breakfast so you can focus and concentrate.

2) Ask your teacher if there is any prep you can do to help you.

3) Come to school with your earbuds and your Chromebook fully charged.

Follow these tips and you will SLA(y) the NJSLA!

Stanley Ransom Mania!

by Liam Rampsersad

Hi, my name is Liam Rampersad and I am an actor in the production. I played the role of “Stanley” although it was all a confusion. It was a short movie we made in a club at school called Digital Filmmaking. It is very fun in my opinion and I very much enjoy it. So far it is the most watched video this club has ever posted and at the time of this writing, it now has 598 views. 

In the movie, I get kidnapped because the kidnappers think my name is Stanley. They hear that Stanley’s are very valuable and they are not for sale anymore, therefore they want to take me. They then think my name is Stanley. When they take me I quickly grab Ariana’s actual Stanley from her backpack because I like it. Me and Ariana are related in the movie and instead of trying to get me back, she wants to get her water bottle back. She doesn’t care about getting me back because I am super annoying and she cares about her bottle more so. Little did they know, we were rooms right next to each other. They communicated through the phone in each room and later on Ariana and other classmates called 2 professional detectives. The actors were Teyla a 6th grader and Jack a 7th grader. They dd an amazing job doing their part and helped the issue a lot. They investigated the problem and made some big breakthroughs. 

We put the movie in a different way called In Medias Res. It is a Latin phrase. It means that we put parts of the middle of the movie in the beginning and the beginning in the middle. It also showed the scene from two different places like me with the kidnappers and Ariana with the detectives. We showed a scene where the stanleys are getting banned forever and the president is agreeing with this new policy (it is fake though). The person who is speaking in the post called OTBN (Old Tappan Broadcasting Network) is saying that there is a mad dash for them and there is no more sales. Gavin, is the speaker and the broadcast actually has some stanley cups he is selling. He’s offering them to the kidnappers. They refuse and deny in disgust but will later regret their decision. 

While I was chilling with the kidnappers, I showed complete enthusiasm and had no idea what was going on. I remained happy and asked long questions to annoy them. I kept speaking on and on and on. It was who I was in the film. They got so tired of me that they told me to go watch a movie and leave them alone. In the end, we met in the hallway right outside our doors and made the big exchange. The exchange included the bottle for takis, v-bucks for forkknife and money. She got her bottle back but did not want me back. The kidnappers bargained so much to give me back. Ariana and her classmates decided that they want another stanley bottle in return. The kidnappers then gave all of their things for the stanley. Therefore, they did not get any wins and technically wasted their time in the whole ransom. 

Here are some quotes I got from some people I interviewed: 

Kareeem: “I think this is the best Digital Filmaking video published yet”

Ariana:: “It has a good storyline”

Ethan: “It was great”

You can watch The Stanley Ransom HERE AT THIS LINK

Top Vacation Spots in NJ

by Ariana Rampersad & Katelyn Pulickal

Are you looking for plans for any upcoming break? Citizens in New Jersey go to places like Florida, Canada, Vermont, and Mexico. Have you ever wondered if people from other countries or states want to visit New Jersey? Where would they go? Let’s plan a day in New Jersey. 

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day so you have to make sure to eat well. There are a lot of different breakfast attractions to visit. Some good breakfast places are the Brownstone Pancake factory and Ridge Diner. If you are a person who doesn’t eat a big breakfast and just want a coffee or tea then I recommend Vale coffee shop. After breakfast you might want to do an activity.

The first place that would be nice to visit is the American Dream Mall. This is the biggest mall in America. There are so many shopping places and restaurants in this mall, not to mention there is even a waterpark inside! There is also a Nickelodeon theme park. This mall is a great place to spend your day and is very kid friendly.

  A second place you can go to is Van Saun County Park, it is so fun to visit. Every season the park changes its attractions. In the winter, it turns into an ice skating rink. There will also be a Winter Wonderland. There is even a carousel for $1.50 per ticket. If you visit in the summer you can even see the zoo. In the spring and summer you can play at the fields, tennis courts, playgrounds, and splash pads. You can also ride ponies. Van Saun Park is a great place to see at any time of the year.

For lunch some great restaurants are Hanami, K chicken, and Fantastic Food and Flavors. Depending on your taste you can eat Asian, Irish, Indian, and Mexican food. Lunch can take about 1-2 hours. 

Liberty State Park is a great place to visit after a meal. However, the best times to go are sunset and sunrise, admission is free. You can go boating or canoeing, there is a playground, areas for fishing, and so much more. Not to mention there is an amazing view! You can even see the wonderful Statue of Liberty (Fun Fact: The Statue of Liberty was supposedly a copper color when it was first made but due to acid precipitation the statue is now bluish-green.) The walk around Liberty State Park is a 5.5 mile loop. You can also see wildlife habitats and walk along trails. Liberty State Park is a great place to explore during your free time. You can spend a whole day at this spot, it is up to you.

By this time you will probably feel hungry for dinner. The Hill, Donatella Ristorante, Mezza, and Bellissimo Restaurant are great places for dinner. There is a wide variety of places that you can eat at. If you want to save money then you can go to a local supermarket to buy ingredients to cook something.

After dinner, depending on what kind of person you are, it might be time to find a place to stay for a night. Residence Inn by Marriott Orangeburg Rockland/Bergen costs $161/night, Hilton Pearl River costs $194/night, and Harmony Suites Secaucus Meadowlands at the American Dream Mall costs $139/night. Even though these are not some of the finest hotels to stay at, these places are close by and have good reviews. If you are staying with family or friends you will not need to book a hotel.

Using this guide can be valuable for your time staying here. If you are a person who does not like to plan then this guide can make your life easier. If you ever visit New Jersey I hope that you will have a great time.

March Mammal Madness

by Jungwoo Seo

The March Mammal Madness Competition is a contest that happens every March. Different kinds of animals compete with each other and move on and on until the final fight. They are separated into four kinds: Epic Animals, Rainbow Collection, Connoisseur Critters, and Take a Bow. (Connoisseur pronunciation: Cono-Saur) The March Mammal Madness is based on March Madness, a basketball tournament. There is no mercy, so you only have one life. Once you lose. You’re OUT! 

Currently, all results are out, including the final winner of the March Mammal Madness Competition. For the second round for ‘Epic Animals’, the Sperm Whale, Stag, Tiger, and Giant Squid all moved on to the 3rd round. For the Rainbow Collection, the Painted Wild Dog, Polecat, Mantis Shrimp, and the Moth moved on to the 3rd round. For Connoisseur Critters, the Kob, Cobra Lily, Porcupine, and the Great Skua moved on. Finally, for Take a Bow, the Elephant Seal, Sea Turtle, the Great White Shark, and the Honey Bee moved on. Now, for round 3 in the Epic Animals category, the Sperm Whale and the Giant Squid are fighting. For the Rainbow Collection, the Painted Wild Dog and the Shrimp are brawling. The Kob and the Great Skua are tussling in the Connoisseur Critters category, and the Elephant Seal and the Great White Shark are fighting for Take a Bow. The final animals for each category are the Giant Squid, the Painted Wild Dog, the Great Skua, and the Great White Shark. Now, for the penultimate round! 

There will be only 1 survivor for each fight: Giant Squid vs. Painted Wild Dog and the Great Skua vs. Great White Shark, and the final two that will fight each other will be the Giant Squid and the Great White Shark! Finally, the championship round to seeing which animal will rule this bracket and take the #1 place! The winner in the fight between the Giant Squid and the Great White Shark is…! THE GREAT WHITE SHARK! WOO HOO! 

There were 106 6th grade students that participated in this bracket. For 3rd place, with 100 points, is Archer Ring! In 2nd place, with 101 points, is Katie Jung! Finally, in 1st place, with 110 points is…Katelyn Pulickal! Katelyn was asked the question: What were you thinking when you picked the animal? She says “A great white shark sounds cool and scary, so I picked it.”  Congratulations to these winners, and just wait for the next bracket coming out next year! 

Into the Woods Jr.

by Elaine Lee and Lina Kim

Into the Woods Jr. has been spotlighted for CDW’s school play! Into the Woods Jr. is a story of Baker and Baker’s wife having a journey into the woods to get a child and make the curse reversed. They meet many characters, who have their own wishes, along the way. 

The play dates are March 22nd at 7pm, March 23rd at 1pm and 7pm, March 24th at 1pm. The ticket payments are due by March 15th. Come get your tickets to get your front row seats! The play will be held at CDW in the Lynch Gym. 

This year, 8th grader girls, Marie and Sophia, were chosen to be the choreographer and dance captain. Leila was assigned to be the make-up artist. Ms. Osbahr was the director, Ms. Watters was the stage director, and Ms. Melilo was House Manager. And many other students had participated in the play. 

The cast, staff, and directors worked very hard to make this show a hit! As many as the students and teachers have worked and practiced hard, we hope all of you have fun watching the show! If you have any problems or questions about the show, please contact Ms. Osbahr, Ms. Watters, or Ms. Melilo.

The Upcoming Solar Eclipse

by Jungwoo Seo

On April 8th, 2024, a solar eclipse is happening from Mexico through North America. According to, it states, “a total solar eclipse will cross North America, passing over Mexico, the United States, and Canada.” It is expected to be seen around 3:20 p.m. A solar eclipse is when the moon comes between the Earth and the sun. A solar eclipse can only happen during a new moon. It is not safe to look at the solar eclipse with your bare eyes. You need special eye protection to look at the eclipse. Without special eye protection, the eyes will receive serious damage. Solar eclipses last a certain time. According to, it states, “Total solar eclipses last anywhere from 10 seconds to about 7.5 minutes.”  Unfortunately, if the weather is not good, you will not be able to see the solar eclipse. In New Jersey though, you won’t be able to see the entire eclipse, but you will be able to see a part of it. This is called a partial eclipse. Again, on April 8th, 2024, a solar eclipse is happening from Mexico through North America. Don’t miss it, it only happens once or twice a year!

Teacher March Madness

by Kareem Khan

Every year, the staff members of CDW compete in the Teacher's March Madness tournament. Two teachers will go head to head and shoot ten foul shots. Whoever makes more of them wins and moves on to the next round. Right now, we are in round 2. Mrs. Henriquez, Mrs. Melillo, Mrs. Lauriello, Mr. Ro, Ms. Osbahr, Mr. Lauriello, Mr. Ferrara, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Zuckerman, Mr. Gianetti, Ms. Watters, Mr. West, Dr. Polizotto, Mr. Bambach, Mr. Gagliano, and Mr. Clark are still in the game. Although Mrs. Henriquez has won for the past few years, we have a few new teachers this year who might be able to break her streak! We also have a few teachers who played college basketball. Each student from each grade gets a chance to vote for who they think will win each match. The grade that guesses the most winners of each round correctly gets a free period of gym and an ice cream party!  Who do YOU think will win Teacher March Madness?

What New Store Should Go In Bi-State Plaza?

By Liam and Ariana Rampersand

Have you ever wondered what we should put in that big open spot in Bistate?  Well, I might be able to help you with some good ideas. Here are the top 3:

First of all, we should get a supermarket because the nearest one is at least 7 minutes away. That is pretty far, if you are in a hurry, it will take maybe 20 minutes with a quick in-and-out. Another good reason why we need a supermarket is because it will give people another opportunity to get a job and it might be able to give them other benefits. The food this place might offer could be very delicious and people could become pleased with it, causing them to come back and try the good food again. Some effects of this might be an increased population and more sales. This will help the people out and will make them happy after waiting so long. We interviewed some students and below are their answers…

Jamie-Woo-ri mart


Elaine-Woo-ri mart


Nora-Trader Joe’s



Mr. Johnson-Shoprite


Jungwoo-Woo-ri mart

Katelyn-Trader Joe’s

A clothing store would be good to have because the nearest clothing store is 15 minutes away. If we had a clothing store in Bi-state then people wouldn’t have to travel so far to get their clothes. A clothing store is also helpful because then we can offer more opportunities for business and can wear better clothes. They might get good business because lots of kids go to Bistate after school and will probably go shopping for this stuff. This will help contribute money to the business and allow it to thrive for a long time. Here are some people that we surveyed:

Olivia Ham-Zara

Lina-Zara or H&M







A Nike store would also be a great idea because kids at our school love wearing cool shoes like Jordans and if Nike can sell those shoes they can get business and sales. A Nike store is also cool because lots of people need back to school shoes and if there is a store close by it wouldn't be a huge problem. Nike doesn’t only sell shoes they also sell clothes so you can always buy cool Nike merchandise when visiting. Nike is a big company and people love it a lot so it would probably be a big hit if it is in our plaza. Nike is a great idea and I think it could possibly be successful.


I feel like the best option would actually be a supermarket, because most people in our town really want that. Even though this has failed in the past, I believe that the people are even more desperate for a supermarket now and will shop here to save time. If a more popular or well known store is added then people might come more often, some examples are Target and Walmart. These are some great ideas and I think that one of them should definitely be added to our plaza!

Valentine's Day All Over the World

By Emilia Healy, Hana Kanan, and Nora Kanan


Have you ever wondered how people around the world celebrate Valentine's Day? Or do they even celebrate it at all? Well you can find out how other countries celebrate this adored holiday.


This holiday was invented in Ancient Rome. Lupercalia was observed February 13–15 with Pan & Juagan gods of love, marriage & fertility. It was a connection to purification and had a little bit of a connection to fertility (as a part of health) and not any to love.

How and Where

There are MANY COUNTRIES that celebrate Valentine’s Day. South Korea, Japan, France, Wales, Brazil, China, Philippines, South Africa, Argentina, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Germany, Estonia, Ghana, Romania, Bulgaria, England, Finland, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Mexico, Slovenia, and Norway. These countries celebrate Valentine’s Day in different ways. They might have a whole different meaning to Valentine’s Day, or they can be similar to us.

“In Germany, Valentine’s Day is known as “Valentinstag.” It’s celebrated similarly to how we celebrate here in the United States, with a focus on romantic love and relationships. Most commonly, people exchange gifts like flowers, chocolates, and small tokens of affection. Recently, there’s been a trend towards personalized, handmade and creative gifts! A unique tradition in Germany during Valentine’s Day is exchanging heart-shaped gingerbread cookies, known as “Lebkuchenherzen,” which are typically decorated with romantic messages or names!” Kid Notes

“In Brazil, Valentine’s Day is known as “Dia dos Namorados,” which translates to “Lovers’ Day” — but don’t expect to celebrate it on February 14th, as it is actually held on June 12th! Dia dos Namorados is a popular holiday and is traditionally celebrated by couples with a focus on romantic love. The most common way to celebrate is to give gifts like chocolates, flowers, and small tokens of affection called “presentinhos.” There are also regional festivals and parades, like “Festa Junina,” where there’s dancing, music, and other cultural activities.” Kid Notes

“In Colombia, Valentine’s Day is known as “El Día del amor y la amistad” or “Love and Friendship Day.” It’s a popular holiday celebrated not only by couples but also by friends and family. Unlike in the U.S. where Valentine’s Day is celebrated in February, the people of Colombia celebrate their holiday on the third Saturday of September, and the festivities often last the entire weekend! Most commonly, people will exchange small gifts like flowers or chocolates, but they also may attend parties or events — such as the “Feria de las Flores” in Medellín, which includes a parade of flowers and other cultural activities.” Kid Notes

“In Italy, Valentine’s Day celebrations are similar to what we’re used to in the United States, with a focus on romantic love and relationships, but there are also some unique traditions and celebrations. For example, in Verona (the city of Romeo and Juliet) there is an annual event called “Verona in Love,” which includes special concerts, shows, and events for couples. Another tradition in Italy is to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a romantic meal, often featuring special dishes like heart-shaped pasta or desserts.” Kid Notes

If you want to find more about these countries and their holidays on Valentine’s Day, go to this link: Kid Notes.

What to Do On Winter Break

By Elaine Lee

The chilly weather is overtaking the season! We definitely need a break. Here are 3 things to do/go on your vaca!

Travel Far from Home.

There are a lot of things that can disturb you in your relaxing ride to your vacation. Snoring, younger kids kicking your seat, and plane turbulence. But whatever you do, DO NOT DRINK RED BULL!!!!!!! (I was suffering for 1 hour in the plane)

Paris - With the eiffel tower, spectacular views, and french baguettes, Paris can be the perfect place for vacation. 

Vermont - Swish, Swish! Vermont is filled with mountains perfected for skiing. With kid-friendly hills and steep slopes, this place is perfect for all levels of skiing. 

Florida – Music and amusement parks fill Florida with lots of excitement. Disney World is filled with exciting amusement parks and lots of shops. Universal Studios presents you with rides in all sizes and shapes. You will return from Florida with headbands, t-shirts, and an empty wallet.


There are a lot of malls in New Jersey to visit if the only place you can go to is your car. American Dream mall, Westfield Garden State Plaza, Bergen Town Center, and so much more! Just search up “Malls in New Jersey and step on the gas!”

Video Game Staycation

If you can’t do all of these, well. Just hop into your bed, stuff your face into a pillow, and scream. Just kidding. Gather with your family, friends or both and play some games! Both online and physical. Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Game of Life, and Monopoly are some good games to play as a family!  Just let your sibling, who doesn't know what to do, watch you and your family scream your heads off and fight in anger. LET THE BONDING BEGIN!!. 

What is the Best Video Game?

By Kareem Khan

Many people in the school play video games. They are really fun to play. But sometimes you just don’t know what game to play. Here are some people at CDW’s choices of the best video games:

Jungwoo: My favorite video game is Super Mario Odyssey.

You can play this game on the Nintendo Switch.

Liam: My favorite video game is Fortnite.

You can play this game on Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo Switch

Ariana: My favorite video game is Roblox.

You can play this game on iPad, phone or computer.

Jamie: My favorite video game is Infinite Stairs.

You can download this game on iPad, phone, or computer.

Elaine: My favorite video game is Minecraft.

You can download this game on iPad, phone, or computer.

Soohwan: My favorite video game is Roblox

You can play this game on iPad, phone or computer.

Mr. Johnson: My favorite video game is Wordle.

You can play this game on safari, chrome, or the NYT app.

These are some popular games! You should try them out if you are looking for good video games.

The Boys/Girls Basketball Championship Game

By Jungwoo Seo

The boys and girls basketball teams both had championship games on Monday, January 29th. The boys basketball team beat Harrington Park and won 49 - 41.  Markus Etter scored the most with 13 points.  Matt Kosmark included 12 points and had the most rebounds. AJ Badurina scored 9, Jake Totten poured 6, Vincent Cialdella finished 5, and Kyle Gagliano made 4. The boys basketball team did all the things like rebounding, grit, team play, and defense that led to winning the championship. Special thanks to Coach Stefan Wiklinski for supporting and being a vital member of this team. 

Also, the girls basketball team won their game. They beat their opponent 43 - 11. Lexi was the highest scorer, chipping in 14 points! Liv and Adriana also both scored 8 points. Everyone played actively and hustled along, which led to the result of 43 - 11. Both teams won the championship, which is a BIG accomplishment. Congratulations to both teams and thanks to all players and coaches who supported the boys/girls basketball teams!

Book Talk

By Jamie Kwon and Katie Jung

What is a book talk? 

In CDW, Mrs. Melillo recommends books based on everyday topics. There are 5 topics a week, They are Middle Grade Monday, Too Real Tuesday, Way Back Wednesday, Too New Thursday, and Fun Fact Friday. Middle Grade Monday is for grades 5 and 6. Too Real Tuesday is realistic fiction. Way Back Wednesday is historical fiction. Too New Thursday is for new books in the library. Finally, Fun Fact Friday is for nonfiction. 

Here is a little interview with Mrs. Melillo about the book talk. 

Question: How do you choose the books that come out for each day?

Answer:  I choose the books for each day well in advance. The daily themes help me highlight books for all students. For example, "Too New Thursday" helps me showcase new books the library gets in that students may not know about. 

Question: How many books do you choose per day?

Answer: I choose one book to highlight per day so that I can give a summary and some fun facts about the book that students may not know if they have never come across it before. 

Question: Do you read all of the books you recommend?

Answer: I do not read all of the books I recommend- that would be a full-time job! However, I use special librarian resources and award-winning books to help me decide what to recommend. 

Question:  What is your favorite book you've ever recommended?

Answer: Oooo this is a tough question! I am going to give you my current two: for middle grades (5/6) I am currently excited about getting in the third and fourth books of the Small Spaces series by Katherine Arden. She was my first ever author visit and I can't believe this spooky quartet is complete. for YA (7/8) I just got in a book: "Lunar New Year Love Story" which is a graphic novel by the author of American Born Chinese and illustrated by LeUyen Pham. I was so excited to find a YA Romance as a Graphic Novel about Lunar New Year! This will be an early February Book Talk. 

Thank you for the interview, Mrs. Melillo!

If you're looking for Mrs. Melillo’s personal favorites that she has read? Take a look at the "Mrs. Melillo" on the top of the Book Talk- it will change each month and a hidden "easter egg" is the book she is holding. For other books with themes you may find interesting, just check out the Book Talks!


By Jungwoo Seo

Intramurals is an open-grade after-school club where you have fun playing sports such as volleyball, badminton, or basketball. Intramurals start at 3:00 P.M and end at 4:00 P.M. Sometimes, on special occasions, it might end at 3:45, or depending on what’s happening. Because it is an open-grade club, any grade can join, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th. You can join by filling out and turning in paperwork called a physical. It’s a form that proves you are able to do sports. You have to turn in the form to the nurse, Mrs. McCarthy. 

The sport you do in intramurals is typically the sport you are doing right now for gym class. It will change once every class moves on to the next sport. So far we have finished playing volleyball, and we are doing badminton currently. 

New Year's Resolutions

By Soohwan Cho and Jungwoo Seo

When a new year starts, you also want a fresh start. A new year's resolution is about setting goals for yourself because you get older each year and you need to make improvements to every resolution. New year resolutions are good because you are able to make new goals for a new year, you can reflect on how you did in your previous year, and make developments. New year resolutions are also important because it gives you a due date for what you really have to complete. 

Some common goals on the internet for new years resolution could be exercising more frequently, reading, eating healthier, and getting more sleep. Some goals could be really hard, like quitting smoking or getting fit. Great goals for students are getting good grades, breaking records for gym exercises, paying more attention in class, and studying more. Students can make schedule notes or use calendars to focus on these goals daily. If they make it, they can achieve their goals and be more comfortable in studying. New year resolutions can change daily life. 

Dennis Buttimer, a facilitator at Thomas F. Chapman Family Cancer Wellness at Piedmont, shows and tells his thoughts about new year's resolutions. “I think most people want a second chance to improve the quality of their lives,” says Buttimer. “The New Year offers a blank slate — an opportunity to get things right. When we set New Year’s resolutions, we are utilizing a very important concept called self-efficacy, which means that by virtue of aspiring to a goal and following through on it, I have a sense of control over what's happening in my life.” So this is the final time to make a good helpful goal for yourself and try beating your records.  Happy New Years to you, and good luck with following your resolutions!

Staff Recommendations: Gong Cha Tea

By Lina Kim

There was recently a new store in Bistate. That store is called Gong Cha! Gong Cha Started from Taiwan in 2006.  Some people don’t know what to order when they go to Gong Cha. Gong Cha is a tea store that includes a variety of delicious drinks. Here are some recommended drinks to get in Gong Cha. Each one comes from a staff member of the Knightly Chronicles.

Lina: Black Milk Tea w/ Black pearls - Sugar grand 70% , Ice - Less

Elaine: Mango Milk Slush w/ Star Jelly -  Sugar Grand -normal Ice -Normal

Olivia: Lychee Sparkling Series w/ Black pearls or Mango popping pearls - 

Sugar Grand 50%, Ice - No Ice (it takes more of the drink itself)

Lydia: Strawberry Milk Tea w/Black pearls - Sugar grand 70%, Ice-Less

Soohwan: Taro Milk Tea w/ Black Pearls - Sugar grand 50%, Ice-Many

Jamie: Mango Milk w/ Black pearls - Sugar grand 70%, Ice-Normal

Now that you know which combinations you can try, try these combinations or you can make your own drink!  Enjoy and feel free to support the local businesses!

Top 10 Christmas Movies Ranked

By Brody Book

Most people love to debate the best Christmas movies around. I have decided to put an end to this debate and have decided to make the best top 10 undisputed perfect list. Just kidding, my list is totally debatable and it's okay if you don’t agree. Now, without further ado these are the top ten best Christmas films of all time. 

10. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

This is the funniest Christmas movie hands down. Every second Aunt Bethany and Cousin Eddie had me dying laughing. The scene where they ask Aunt Bethany to say Grace, and she starts singing the pledge of allegiance had me cackling. The only downside to this movie is the story. The story is average, with a pretty predictable turn of events and you can pretty much guess the ending of the movie within the first ten minutes. That is my only complaint with this laugh out loud funny movie.  

9. Polar Express

One of the first Christmas movies I ever watched. At the time the animation the film had was revolutionary and was one of the biggest productions to ever use CGI. However, the animation on this film now looks dated and almost ugly. Besides the somewhat subpar animation, the story of this film is a good one. The whole story of the main character being the only one who believes in Santa Claus at the end of the movie after believing he was a figment of his parents imaginton, is a beautiful one. 

8. Klaus

This is one of the most beautiful Christmas movies that you can watch, with the animation style being so unique it is just plain gorgeous. This story is more on Saint Nicholas, rather than Santa Claus. Saint Nicholas in real life was a toy maker who gave out toys on the day of Christmas. My biggest complaint about this movie is its length. This movie could easily be half an hour shorter, if Saint Nick's love interest was cut from the film. Her only job is to provide comedic relief, but this story is such a serious one that she really takes away from the film instead of adding to it. Besides that, this movie is a cinematic masterpiece. 

7. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

The first major use of stop motion animation on the big screen. This movie is a heart warming one, which really makes you feel for Rudolph and his struggles. The only complaint I have for this movie is that it really seems aged in comparison to other, more recent movies. Other than that, this movie is a great one. 

6. A Christmas Carol

Another classic tale. The movie, which is an on screen adaptation of the 1885 novel by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, has lots of amazing lessons throughout. When Scrooge is confronted by the ghost of Christmas Past, and when he sees that his father didn’t have any presents as a child, it is a beautiful scene. Seymour Hicks' betrayal of the character is so convincing that you begin to feel for Scrooge on a level as if he was your grandpa, who is sometimes stubborn, but deep down is a person full of love. 

5. Nightmare Before Christmas

The famous debate of whether or not this movie is a Halloween one or a Christmas film. I personally believe that it’s both, which really adds to this movie. The stop motion animation of this movie really brought that particular style of animation to the mainstream. Jack’s character arc is amazing and the ending scene where he realizes that despite being the king of Halloween, he can help people, is a beautiful one. 

4. Home Alone 

A classic Christmas movie. Despite not being my personal favorite Home Alone movie, it still is absolutely amazing. It was revolutionary then and now, with its stunning score, dazzling visuals, and hilarious writing. This movie kick started Macaulay Culkin’s career and is one of the crown jewels of Joe Pesci’s career. 

3. Grinch (2004) 

Jim Carrey is, in my opinion, the best physical comedian to ever grace the big screen. Many scenes in this movie are so funny, because of the way Jim Carrey moves and acts. The story is a great one, and the ending makes me happy every time I watch it. 

2. Elf

Pretty Self explanatory, Will Ferrel being one of the funniest actors in the industry. The story was interesting and hilarious, as well as the ending leaving the viewer with a satisfactory taste in their mouth.  

1. Home Alone 2

 In my opinion the best Christmas movie ever. Everyone in this movie is at their funniest. Marv, Harry, Kevin, Kate, Uncle Frank, Buzz, Fuller, Hector, and Cedric had me laughing the entire time. There is way more for Kevin to do in NYC than there was for him to do in his house. This movie had so many iconic places in NYC such as the GW Bridge, World Trade Center Observatory, Central Park, Plazza Hotel, Radio City Music Hall, and ChinaTown.  

The Holiday Cup Contest

By Lina Kim

When you walk through the hallway, you can see the poster named the Holiday Cup Contest. The Holiday Cup Contest involves drawing and decorating a blank cup as well as making your own holiday drink recipe! The person who wins the contest will get a Starbucks gift card! The contest is until December 18th.  The winner will be announced on OTBN on December 20th.

Many students have participated in the contest. I wonder who made the most tasty and beautiful drink and cup! Thank you to all the participants for making wonderful cups! 

5th and 6th Grade Rec Soccer Win

By Nora Kanan, Emilia Healy, and Hana Kanan 

The victorious 5th and 6th grade rec soccer players won first place with only 2 losses. They made it to the semi-finals, and on the same day, the finals! Even in the freezing cold weather, they sucked it up and worked hard and harder, warming up on the sidelines. Good job guys!

       The players on this team had scored 4 goals and won by 2 points. Though they were two teams combined they each played a part in this win. They had a semi-finals game at 8:30 A.M! After their win in that game, they moved on to the championships and won that too!

We had some EXTRAORDINARY players during the finals. During the finals, we had the best goalie this team had, but she also could play striker. That 6th Grader was Alexis DeGrado. She did a fantastic job during the semi-finals, and the finals.

We also had some defenders help with our win. We had some help from these two 6th Graders, Mia Ellison and Skylar Park. We had two other 5th Graders help. Emilia Healy and Nora Kanan. Mia had a good kick and Skylar had great skill. Those defenders helped our goalie a lot.

In the end, the team worked together to win the trophy and call it the end of the season! Overall, the team came together and won the trophy.  What a fun experience for the whole team!

CDW Band Concerts and Choir

By Kareem Khan

On Wednesday, December 13, the 5th and 6th graders will have a band concert starting at 7:30 PM. This will take place in the Lynch Gym, and will be about 30-45 minutes. Students should arrive at 7:15 pm in their concert dress clothes.  

The 5th graders will be playing a few songs from their book with the sixth graders watching them, and then the sixth graders will play “Attack of the Cyclops”, “Soaring through Ionian Skies”, and “Funtango” with the fifth graders watching them. These kids have been practicing really hard for this day. Please make sure to stay for both grades’ concerts as a sign of respect. 

On Thursday, December 14, the 7th graders, 8th graders, and CDW Choir will have their concert at 7:30. The choir will sing a few songs, and both bands will play a few songs. The musicians and singers should arrive at 7:15 pm in their concert dress clothes. The concert will take place in the Lynch Gym and it will be about 45 minutes - 1 hour.   Please try your best to come out and watch the CDW students perform!

Movie Review: Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour

5/5 Stars

By Katelyn Pulickal

Starting from Debut to Midnights, Taylor Swift is one of the most successful singers in the world. She made $4.1 billion dollars from her Eras Tour alone. In the U.S a ticket for one of her concerts cost $49 to $499 depending on the section. Some Swifties probably can’t afford this so, Swift created a movie for those people to enjoy. 

I believe this movie is an affordable version to a real concert. I love how the movie is put together, from the beginning to the end. She explains what the albums actually mean to her. If you are not the biggest fan of Taylor Swift you will probably not enjoy this movie. The movie consists of almost 3 hours of Taylor’s beautiful music.

Depending on your music taste you may or may not enjoy this movie. Personally, as a Swiftie, I am going to give this movie 5 out of 5 stars. 

PTO Holiday Shop

By Kareem Khan

On Thursday, December 7, the students of CDW will get to visit the holiday shop. Grades 5 and 6 will visit in the morning, and grades 7 and 8 will visit during lunchtime. Make sure to remember to bring money to school to purchase items. Here are three reasons why you may want to go:

It is during school, so you won’t have to give away some of your busy time after school.

The items are cheaper than they are in other stores.

It is discrete - your parents don’t have to see what you are purchasing (you may want to keep it a secret to surprise your parents).

Don’t forget about this incredible opportunity to buy your family gifts. If you buy something for your family during this event, you won’t feel guilty when the rest of your family got you gifts and you didn’t give anything in return.

Thanksgiving Meals

By Jungwoo Seo and Soohwan Cho

Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday celebrated on Thursday, November 23rd. Americans model their holiday on a 1621 harvest feast split between the Pilgrims, English colonists and the Wampanoag people.

CDW took a poll on which Thanksgiving meal was the most favorite. As expected, the most common meal, turkey, has gotten 23 votes. Turkey has the most votes out of all of the other meals. In second place comes stuffing, which got 18 votes, only 5 votes away from turkey. In third place, mashed potatoes was chosen with 9 votes. 

There is one unexpected meal that we thought would be at least fifth place. Cornbread was chosen as a meal with 1 vote. There are 4 other meals that have gotten only 1 vote, but this meal was more unexpected than the others. Pie has gotten 8 votes, and cranberry sauce has gotten 3 votes. Corn, ham, mac and cheese, and casserole have all got 1 vote. But, these are only the votes from CDW.

In other places around the world, they could have different dishes to eat than what you may be used to. Central Europe eats schnitzel, a thin slice of meal. Schnitzel is popular in many countries and is made using turkey, beef, mutton, chicken, pork, and veal. In Italy, they often eat potato gnocchi for Thanksgiving dinner. It is a potato dish with tiny dumplings of dough. 

In Mexico, turkey mole chili is eaten as Thanksgiving dinner. It is a turkey dish which is loaded with spices. These are just some dishes around the world that we Americans do not eat as frequently as the people do in the country that the dish was made.  Do you have any unusual or unique dishes on your table during this beloved holiday?  

First Grade Thanksgiving Play

By Emilia Healy

Turkey, apple pie, and don’t forget the blueberry pie. These are some of the highlights of a holiday called Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a holiday that can give a person a great reason to visit their family. Many people celebrate Thanksgiving.  Some celebrate the same that you do, and some celebrate the day very differently, but in the end, it’s a perfect tradition.

The first graders in TBD have a Thanksgiving play that they star in. I remember when I was in first grade.  We sang, we danced, and we told the story of Thanksgiving in a goofy sing-songy way. There was a five-turkey song with a chef in it. I was the chef and made the other grades laugh in their seats while they watched.

My younger sister, Audrey Healy, is in the play. She gets to say a line in the play. After all of the singing, the first graders will eat the food that they’ll serve as lunch. Turkey, corn, and these chocolate cakes filled with a vanilla cream filling are just some of the options available. It’s DELICIOUS!

I hope you enjoyed learning about what first graders do on Thanksgiving. This will inform you about why first graders at home try and learn their lines for the play. If you didn’t believe me in this article, check out the play at TBD this week. BYE!

Teacher's Convention

By Sophia Kurian

Next week we have school off for two days both Thursday and Friday. That is great for us, but do we really all know why we have those two days off? Well, this is due to the fact of the New Jersey Teacher's Convention. Now you may ask: what exactly is the teacher's convention?  Well, the teacher's convention is one of the largest gatherings for K -12 teachers. All teachers from NJ participate in this convention and there are 20,000 participants. This convention is based for teachers to experience more than 300 lessons , workshops, and programs designed to help teachers and educational professionals sharpen their skills and stay current in their subject areas and chosen fields. In conclusion we have both Thursday and Friday off so teachers can sharpen their skills and help teach us better.  Just because the teachers have work to do, doesn't mean that we can't enjoy the two days off, so enjoy the mini vacation!  Not every state gets to have one!

CDW Clubs 2023-2024

By Nora

Do you like after-school clubs? Well, now is your chance to sign up! Both the PTO and CDW offer many clubs that might interest you. The CDW clubs are free, while PTO clubs aren’t

One club that CDW provides is OTBN for 8th grade. If you like to record videos or be in videos, then OTBN is perfect for you. You would come in the morning and record the morning announcements that the whole school watches during homeroom. 

Another club is the Knightly Chronicles for 5-8. If a hobby of yours is writing, then join the school newspaper. People who are in this club come on most Mondays from 3:00 to 3:45. Many other clubs are available. Just go to the CDW website and hover “For Students” and then click on “CDW Clubs.

The PTO has a variety of different clubs too that you can sign up for until October 31. One is CDW Tennis with TGA for. They meet on Fridays and go from 3 to 4pm. Also, there is an Escape Room Club for 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. They meet on Wednesdays from 3-4pm.

Check with your parents and go onto the PTO website for more options. Don’t wait long, many clubs only have a few spots left. 

Stefan is BACK!

By Galina and Lydia

On a Sunday afternoon in June 2023, Stefan Wiklinski was riding his bike in Old Tappan and was hit by a car. He later stayed at Hackensack University Medical Center for a long stretch of time while recovering from a brain injury. Stefan is known as a high-spirited member of the OT community being in track, baseball, basketball, football, and playing the trumpet in our school band, so everyone in the community was incredibly eager to see him return home. 

A couple of months later, it was time for Stefan to go home back to Old Tappan. On the day that he came back, all of the students made posters and gathered outside of the school to welcome him home.  Stefan rode through the front of the school with his parents, brother, and the local police escorting him.   It was an emotional scene, with sirens blaring, and a wave of excitement going through the student body.  Now, he is back in Old Tappan doing much better, and the community is so happy to welcome him back.

What is the best Halloween candy?

By Jamie Kwon

As Halloween approaches, there is a major debate about the greatest candy. Here are some people’s opinions as Knightly Chronicles about their favorite candy.

Jamie: What’s your favorite candy?

Lydia: My favorite candies are Sour Punch and Haribo Gummy Bears.

Olivia: My favorite candies are Trolli Gummies, Nerd Ropes, and everything else sweet. NO SOUR.

Elaine: My favorite candies are Sour Patch and Skittles.

Katelyn: My favorite candy is the Milky Way Bar. 

Galina: I like sweet candies better than sour ones. My favorite candies are Nerds Gummy Clusters, Haribo Gummy Bears, and Hersheys. 

Sophia: My favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids Extreme. 

Kareem: My favorite candies are Hershey’s milk chocolate and Sour Patch Kids.  

Mr. Johnson: My favorite candy is Snickers because I too am nutty…

These are some people’s favorite candy in Knightly Chronicles. Last year’s most bought candy in New Jersey is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. What will this year’s most popular candy be? 

Hydroflasks VS. Plastic Water Bottles

By Katelyn

Ms. Santa suggests to stop bringing hydroflasks to school. There are many reasons why she thinks this should happen but there are also reasons why it shouldn’t. Many students are also buying new hydroflasks to bring to school. Should they switch to plastic?

Hydroflasks - PROS

Saving the environment

Every day, so many plastic water bottles are used. This is using up our natural resources and destroying our planet.

Good for extreme weather

You know those days when it’s extremely cold in the winter or really hot out in the summer? Hydroflasks can keep hot beverages warm for 12 hours and cold beverages for 24 hours.

Hydroflasks - CONS


Everyone knows what happens when a hydro flask falls to the ground. It makes a huge a clanking noise. It is very distracting at school and many teachers despise it.


The bigger the hydro flask, the bigger the spill. Teachers are super annoyed about this. 

Plastic Water Bottles-PROS

Doesn’t matter if you lose it

You are going to the movie theater and you forget your plastic water bottle. Well, that doesn’t really matter, we can just buy a new one.

Fits in your backpack 

Walking around school is way easier if you just pop it in by the side.

Plastic Water Bottles - CONS

Hurts the environment

Many plastic bottles are thrown away every single day. We can stop this by not using plastic water bottles.


The water you drink from a bottle may not be the cleanest. They also might be full of microplastics.

Well, those are the PROS and CONS of both bottled water and hydroflasks.  You’ll have to pick which one is right for you!

Picture Retakes - 11/17

By Hana Kanan

Do you want to retake your picture? Here is your chance to retake. The retakes will be on Friday, November 17th.

Here are some tips to get the perfect new picture:

1. Wear the right colors

Wear bright colors. Wearing colors look better in pictures. Avoid wearing bright white clothes.

2. Stick with a hairstyle you’ve done before. 

Sometimes Wearing a new hairstyle that you are unfamiliar with will not always please you.  It’s better to be safe, and wear a style that you know you will like.

3. Pick the right location. 

If you have allergies and taking the picture outside will be uncomfortable, make sure to ask to be put in a different location.

One last hint - Make sure you are at school on time so you do not miss it!

CDW Trends: Stanleys

By Emilia Healy and McKayla Kornett

Trends come and go, like fidget spinners, slap bracelets, etc. New trends come in faster than lighting. Right now McKayla and Emilia noticed that a big trend at the moment are Stanleys. For those of you who don’t know what Stanleys are, they are water bottles.But why do people have Stanleys? Is it the way they look? How they work, or are they just nice to have? 


Q: Why do you like Stanleys? 

A(Katelyn): Because they keep my drinks nice and cold, and I like the way they look.

Q: Are they heavy? 

A: A little bit. 

Q: Do you have to hold them a certain way?

A: No you don’t. 

Q: Why did you want one? 

A: Cause it’s a nice trend and you don’t have to drink out of the water fountain.

Q: Why do you have a Stanley? 

A (Olivia): Cause they’re cute and very aesthetic. 

Q: Why do you like them?

A: I like the colors, especially the baby pink color.

Q: Are they heavy? It depends if it's a 40 ounce bottle or not. It’s still cute, but heavy. It’s like what we’ve been missing all this time.

In conclusion it looks like most people got Stanleys because it is a trend, so if you ever wanted to know why people have Stanleys it is probably because Stanleys are a big trend right now. Who knows, maybe next week there might be a new big trend!

Invasion of the Lantern Flies!

By Lydia Kim

Our worst fears have come true: the spotted lantern flies have arrived at Old Tappan. These bright colored bugs are INVASIVE and many people dislike it. Let me answer some common questions.

Q: What do they look like?

A: It’s pretty obvious how spotted lantern flies got their name. They have a spotted wing. They have six very skinny legs.  They have a bright shade of red on them, but are much larger than ladybugs.

Q: Where do they originally come from?

A: They are essentially from China, Vietnam, and India. They are thought to be transported in an egg mass during a stone shipment.

Q: How should we take care of these invasive species?

A: Many people kill every single one they see. Others spare them. says to crush nymphs and adult insects. Scraping egg masses alongside trees and putting them into a plastic bag to throw them out helps prevent the growth of them. It also helps to remove host trees from the area (FYI: Spotted lanternflies like ailanthus trees or so called “Tree of heaven”.

Does this make spotted lanternflies any better? NO! But does it make it less scary? Yes! When you follow these instructions, there is nothing you can’t do to fend off these bugs.

OT Boy Scouts

By Kareem Khan

The Old Tappan Boy Scouts Troop 132 hold a lot of events during the year. For example, they will go camping together at a nearby park in early November. 

If you want to join, it is open to all students 6th grade or above. Our troop meets every two Thursdays from 7:00 to 8:30 upstairs in the firehouse. Anyone interested can come. If you like it, you can join it! 

Some of your CDW friends may be in the troop. It is a really fun troop to join! 

For more information, feel free to email

New Teacher Profile: Mr. Ferrara

By Galina Fajardo

You might have seen Mr. Ferrara around school but never knew who he was unless you have him as a teacher. A lot of new teachers came this year and he is one of them. Mr. Ferrara teaches 6th and 8th grade social studies and has been enjoying it so far!

We decided to interview him a little about his career as a history teacher. 

When he was asked why he teaches middle school social studies, Mr. Ferrara informed us that it was his favorite subject to learn about when he was in school. He is fascinated with the development of our country and other countries and so he finds it interesting seeing how it came to be. 

As far as a middle school teacher goes, Mr. Ferrara loves helping people and wants to be the reason someone has a positive experience in this world. Building those relationships is something he really enjoys because he knows what a great teacher can do for a child and how much it can change a child's academic experience. He wants to have that same effect that his great teachers had on him as a child!

Mr. Ferrara has not been a teacher before this year but has been a substitute at Paramus High School where he went to school. He has some hobbies outside of teaching such as fishing, hiking, golfing, and hanging out with his friends! 

Mr. Ferrara is most excited to build relationships with all the students that he teaches and all the other staff at school. He thinks that having those great relationships with other people makes every day so much better. In addition, Mr. Ferrara can not wait for the 6th grade trip to Medieval Times and the 8th grade trip to Washington D.C.

Mr. Ferrara’s daily goal is to make a positive impact on as many people as he can throughout the day. He does not want to let a day go by where he doesn’t take the opportunity to make someone else's life just a little bit better than it already was. 

Mr. Ferrara is looking forward to a great rest of the year. Be sure to wave to him if you see him around school!

New Teacher Profile: Mr. Dohn

By Jamie Kwon

This year many new teachers have joined our school. One of the new teachers in Mr. Dohn. Here at Knightly Chronicles, we decided to ask Mr. Dohn some questions about being a new teacher.

Jamie: What is it like being a new teacher?

Mr. Dohn: “Being a new teacher is great but can be very stressful. I am lucky to have other teachers and administrators in the school that are extremely helpful and answer all of my questions.”

Jamie : Why did you decide to become a teacher?

Mr. Dohn: “I decided to become a teacher because I enjoy Social Studies, but more importantly I love interacting with students every day and trying to have my class be a bright spot in each of my students' lives.”

Jamie: What qualities do you want from students?

Mr. Dohn: “When it comes to my students, all I ask is that they try their best when they are in my classroom. Not every student loves social studies, all I can ask is they try their best and make sure to participate and ask questions when they have them.”

Jamie: What grades do you teach?

Mr. Dohn: “ I teach 6th and 7th Grade Social Studies.”

Looks like Mr. Dohn is off to a great start this year! Don’t forget to say “hi” to him in the halls!

Slacking On Socktober?  Don't Worry!

By Brody Book

Socktober is this Wednesday.  Students are encouraged to wear their sillest, most fun socks that they own, and also donate a pair or two to charity.  The charity is the People to People organization in Rockland county.  The collection box will be in the Main Office.

 Let me guess, you have procrastinated and forgot about Socktober. Don’t worry, you have come to the right place, the Knightly Chronicles website. A website full of helpful tidbits, interesting info, and the rave reviews. Yet, once again, the Knightly Chronicles website is here to help you. Here are the top 3 places to get crazy socks TODAY so that you can donate (and wear) them tomorrow! 

Better late then never... go get some socks!

A Night of Fright

By Kareem Khan

On Monday, October 30, CDW will have something called Fright Night from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. 

If you don’t know what that is, then it is a CDW Halloween party that is open to all CDW students. 

There will be DJ & Dancing, Bingo with Prizes, Photo Booth, some events in the gym, Pizza, Beverages & Desserts, and more!

There will be some movies that you can watch. The movies are Lights Out and Goosebumps. 

This is a great opportunity to hang out with your friends and have fun!  Admission is free, but a donation to the Old Tappan Food Pantry would be really appreciated.  Things like tissues, toilet paper, and shampoo would all be a great idea to donate.  Kids can’t leave by themselves unless a parent comes to get them.  

This is open for all students in grades 5 through 8, so make sure you stop by!

Pink Day!

By Brody Book

In the words of Karen Smith from Mean Girls, “On Wednesdays, we Wear Pink” 

Taking her words to heart, CDW has decided that on Wednesday, October 18th, CDW is wearing pink. 

Pink is a color symbolic of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, most commonly seen in sports with many players wearing a shade of pink. The CDW Student Council has decided that since it’s Fall Frenzy Spirit Week, it would be the perfect time to wear pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. 

During lunch for both 5th grade and 6th grade, as well as the 7th and 8th grade, Student Council Executive board members will be selling paper chains which will be hung in the foyer. The aforementioned chains will be sold for one dollar each, all of the money which we will raise will be donated to Breast Cancer Research Foundation in New York. 

If you have a loved one who may suffer from breast cancer or any other type of cancer, feel free to write their names on the chains, as pens will be provided. 

We hope that the students of CDW will come together as the amazing citizens we are and donate to a great cause. See you there!!!