Theory Test Information

The theory test is offered in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese. The theory test requires a score of 75% or higher to pass. This test validates the applicant's knowledge of minimal competency within the core scopes of practices for each license type and how to deliver the services in a safe and sanitary manner.

The number of test question varies depending on the professional license test:

More information on the theory test questions and the content breakdown can be found on the Theory Test Outline page.

Translation services may be obtained for a fee by contacting the following:

  • Las Vegas- 8th District Court Translators-702-671-4578
  • Reno- The Language Connection-775-323-7883
  • Reno- Nevada Hispanic Services-775-826-1818
  • Reno- University of Nevada Reno Language Bank-775-784-7515 ext: 227