Open a Salon

Open a Salon

Application Process

A Salon Application is required before any new salon can operate. A Salon Application must also be submitted when an existing salon changes the following:

  • salon ownership;
  • salon name change;
  • location change; and/or
  • changes in services delivered (hair, skin, nails).

The minimum requirements for a salon establishment can be found in the Salon Opening Checklist. Please review the rules and regulations related to salon establishments. Please visit our Salon Owner Resources page for links to other governmental licensing agencies that may have additional licensing requirements.

The Salon Application process (filing the application, checklist review, inspection, and licensing) is typically completed within fourteen (14) business days. A more detailed explanation can be found on our How to Open a Salon page. After submitting the application, you will be contacted by Board staff via email to review the Salon Opening Checklist. This review explains the minimal requirements for opening a salon and to provide prospective owners with other Salon Owner Resources. Once the review has been completed a Salon Opening Inspection is scheduled prior to the salon opening.

Once the Salon Opening Inspection has been successfully completed, the salon will receive the salon license to operate. If the salon does not pass the Salon Opening Inspection, a Salon Re-Inspection Fee must be completed for a second inspection to be performed.