Applications & Information

Individual Application

The Individual Application is for the following applicants:

  • In and Out of State Testing Applicants
  • Reciprocity Applicants (Licensed professionals in another state or U.S. Territory)
  • Out of Country Applicants (Went to school in a country outside of the United States)
  • Hair Braiding Applicants
  • Shampoo Technologist Applicants
Individual Application FEB 2018.pdf

License Renewal

Paper Application

Individual License Renewal Form Nov 2017.pdf

Duplicate License Application

Duplicate License Application Nov 2017.pdf

Makeup Artist/Threader

Makeup Artist _ Threader Registration JAN 2018.pdf

Certification Request

Online Application

Paper Application

Certification Request Nov 2017.pdf

Salon Application

Online Application

Paper Application

Salon Application JAN 2018.pdf

Salon Renewal

Online Option Coming Soon...

Salon License Renewal Form JAN 2018.pdf

Limited License

Online Application

Paper Application

Limited License Application Nov 2017.pdf

Apprentice Application

Apprentice Application JAN 2018.pdf

Continuing Education Provider List

CEU Approved Classes_Website_1_29_18.pdf

Understanding of Resident Status Requirements

Understanding of Resident Status Requirements Nov 2017.pdf