New Style or Greater Purpose?

Students at BMMS Have to Wear IDs While on Campus

By: Anna McArthur

All students at Bob Miller Middle School are required to wear ID cards at all times on campus during the 2019-2020 school year. If a student forgets his/her ID badge, they get a yellow sticker from their first period teacher. It is mandatory to wear either your ID badge or yellow sticker while on campus. The ID badges have to be worn around your neck or clipped to your shirt at all times.

These lanyards are worn primarily for the safety of the students. They “allow us to determine that all students on campus are Miller students,” said Mrs. Bolton, former Dean of Students. The lanyards are here to keep the students safe. They can also help in case of emergency when a student needs to be quickly identified. Additionally, the ID badges help to "create a positive atmosphere as more people will know each other's names,” said Mrs. Bolton.

Cadence Leavitt, 8th grade, thinks that kids should not have to wear them around their necks, but that you should be able to clip them to your pants. She thinks that as long as the administration can see the ID tags, it should be okay. Some students would like to change the rules by having the administration, “not instantly call parents the first time,” said Mattie Williams, 8th grade.

Students are allowed the opportunity to customize their lanyards. As long as they are school appropriate, customization is allowed. Students enjoy this little bit of freedom because, “it lets them express themselves,” said Mattie Williams, 8th grade. It also lets students put their own personal spin to their lanyards.

According to the Dean's Office and classroom polls, an average of 4% of all the kids that attend BMMS forget to wear their ID badges everyday. If you forget your ID tag, you are not allowed to buy anything from the student store.

These tags allow students to access their account faster. They are the new way that Bob Miller Middle School has kids check out library books. Kids have to scan their ID badge and then the book that they wish to check out. Furthermore, students that are late are required to enter through the office and scan their ID badges. A machine then prints out a pass that they will give to their teacher.

Even though there are mixed opinions about the ID badges, students and teachers are still required to wear them at all times.

Photo by: Anna McArthur

Jackson Hillman, 6th grade, and Logan Ramsey, 7th grade, holding up their ID's.

Mrs. Adams Teaches her Final School Lesson

After 6 years of teaching at Bob Miller Middle School, Mrs. Adams says her goodbyes.

Photo by: Camryn Piccininni

Mrs. Adams helping her 6th grade student with his chromebook.

By: Camryn Piccininni

Mrs. Adams, a 6th grade teacher at Bob Miller Middle School has recently accepted a new job as an administrator at Twitchell Elementary School, and left BMMS on September 16, 2019.

Mrs. Adams has been teaching for 25 years, and has been teaching at Bob Miller for 6 years in total. This was before being promoted to a higher ranking and deciding it was time to move forward.

While Mrs. Adams packed her bags, she made sure to pack all the memories she has had at this school, school events being her favorite. “My favorite events held were the field trips. I love seeing the kids outside of the school and talking about things they like and don’t like,” said Mrs. Adams, former 6th grade teacher.

As students said their goodbyes, they reflected on all the good times they had with Mrs. Adams and why she was a great teacher. “I like how she cared about her students. She was always there for you if you needed to talk and she always wanted the best for you," said Bailey Cooperider, 8th grade.

Mrs. Adams is very excited to see her new Twitchell kids and can’t wait to meet them, “I'm looking forward to seeing the babies, and seeing them learn and get excited when they get something right,” said Mrs. Adams.

What Do Therapy Dogs Do and Why Are They Here?

More and More Therapy Dogs Are Showing Up at the School to Help Students and Teachers

By: William Gamett

You may have wondered, "Why are these dogs here on campus?" They are therapy dogs that help many different people here on campus. But what exactly is the purpose of having therapy dogs on campus? Therapy dogs are here to help students relax and distract students from the stress of the day. Their job is to provide support and comfort to students that need it.

One well known type of therapy dog is the Goldendoodle. One very important and essential part about therapy dogs is that they need to be trained. Goldendoodles are very easily trainable, which is why many therapy dogs are doodles. Ms. Krueger, a 7th grade teacher, said that, “Training is extremely important because you want them to be well behaved in the community.” One thing that they learn to do in training is to be “Familiar with stairs, elevators, and public places with lots of noise,” said Ms. Krueger.

Therapy dogs can be beneficial at school because they are trained to calm students. “The dogs provide a calming experience for students, especially when the day is stressful,” said Ms. Krueger. Most therapy dogs are hypoallergenic (they shed minimally).

Therapy dogs can be very helpful to both students and teachers. They also can have a very positive impact on people at school. And finally, therapy dogs are here to comfort students and to help support them when needed.

Photo by: Mrs. Krueger

Ms. Krueger's dogs, Winston and Ginny, occasionally help students here on campus.